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Historic Photographs

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Miami Beach A1A (Collins Avenue) Sunny Isles Resort 135 Street Pony Rides 163 Street Shopping Center
163 Street Mall Sunny Isles 1950's 1912-Bath house was located where theHoward Johnson 163 Street and Collins Avenue 1947 Sunny Isles Causeway over inland waterway
1960 Proposed Wometco 163rd Street Theatres, 1245 NE 163 Street 1972-Republic-National-Convention-and--North-Miami-Lums 2008 Ludick and Willenborg Arch Creek Bridge Canoe
Arch Creek Bridge Canoe Arch Creek Bridge Car Arch Creek Bridge Wagon ACT Wilcox House
Alabama Hotel Alvin Casino Chip Arch Creek Mill was abandoned after 2 year's with onset of the Civil War Bakers Haulover
Barry College 1956 Biscayne Dog Track Aerial View Biscayne Dog Track and Alvin Lederer Biscayne Dog Track Crowd
Biscayne Dog Track from Starter's Box Biscayne Dog Track Racing Biscayne Dog Track Biscayne Kennel Club
Biscayne Kennel Club Biscayne Dog Track Aerial View Bottle Cap Inn Bottle Cap Inn
Bottle Cap Inn Bottle Cap Inn Bottle Cap Inn Old City Hall
Bottle Cap Inn Bottle Cap Inn Bottle Cap Inn Building 125 Street & NE 10 Avenue
Casablanca Hotel Miami Beach Castaways Billboard Cecil Holland Ford 193 Street and West Dixie Highway Civil Defense Shelter Display
Congress Inn Dade County Civil Defense Control Center Fire Department Badge Haulover Cut Bridge
Miami Beach Kennel Club 1 Street and Ocean Drive History Fest 2007 History Fest 2007 History Fest 2007
Hotel located at 12237 West Dixie Highway Hotel Alabama Interama Restaurant and Banquet Room, 15950 W. Dixie Highway, North Miami Beach, FL. Interama
  Keystone Point April-1968 North Miami LIBRARY Black-n-White North Miami LIBRARY Color
Voyager- Congress Inn M_&_M_CAFETERIAS_MIAMI_AND_FORT_LAUDERDALE MIAMI AVIATION CENTER 127Th & Bisc. Blvd. North Miami, Fla-Postcard  
North Miami General Hospital Miami Beach Kennel Club Miami Stadium  
Munisport Landfill 1978 Myers Apartments   NewsPaper
Newpaper Newspaper North Miami Civil Defense Sirens on High School North Miami-Early-Police-Department-Officers
North Miami-Early-Police-Officers North-Miami-Early-Police-Squad-Car North Miami High Principle 1960's - the Castaways Hotel in Sunny Isles at night, home of the world famous Wreck Bar
Pioneer Blvd Sign Pumpernicks-125-Bisc-Blvd St Clairs Restaurant 127 Street Shopping Center Red Farms Restaurant 14036 NE 6 Avenue
  Sunny Isles Pier Deck Bar The Painted Horse Restaurant 1950's The Red Mill Tourist Camp
The Voyager Motel - Biscayne Blvd., at 123rd St The Rancher Motel Trailer Park 127 Street and Biscayne Blvd. Valentine Civic Center
1958 - The Miami News building on NW 7th Street Weigel's Resort Motel in North Miami Ye Old Wagon Wheel Restaurant Menu 1950's and 60's - Mary's Italian Restaurant at 13914 NW 7th Avenue, North Miami
Zoo 1960's - Bar-B-Q Barn on NW 7th Avenue in North Miami 1977 - a Grand Union supermarket at 450 NE 125th Street, North Miam Early 1960s - the Borlin Building (later Trans Lux Motel) at 1075 NE 125th Street, North Miami
1961 - Miami Stadium 1968 - First Federal Savings and Loan Association of Miami in North Miami 1956 - Junior's Restaurant and the Seville Hotel on Miami Beach 1957 - brochure promoting the new Florida East Coast Railway's North Miami station
The front gate of the Miami Military Academy 1919 - Roman Pools Bathing Casino on Miami Beach 1920 - Hardie's and Smith's Casinos on Miami Beach 1921 - Hardie's Bathing Casino on Miami Beach
1923 - Miami Beach Casino 1925 - the Sunny Isles Casino 1940's - NE 2nd Avenue in Little River, Miami 1947 - Roddey Burdine Stadium, renamed the Orange Bowl in 1950
1950's - Imperial Lanes, a relatively new bowling alley on West Dixie Highway in north Dade County 1950's - Miami Jai Alai Fronton on NW 36 Street, Miam 1956 - Miami Marlins souvenir program 1950's and 1960's - King's Pony Farm at 10500 N. W. 7th Avenue, Miami
1955 - Delano Hotel, Wolfie's Restaurant and diLido Hotel on Miami Beach 1958 - an advertisement for Funland Park in Miami in The Billboard 1959 - FEC train boarding passengers at the North Miami station 1959 - the Florida East Coast Railway Station in North Miami