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Third Annual 'History Fest' Features Capone Stories and Cultural Food
Continuing a tradition begun in 2005, the Greater North Miami Historical Society held our 3rd annual "History Fest" on May 20, 2007, at the American Czech-Slovak Club in North Miami.  This year's Fest featured a cultural lunch prepared by the "Czech Club's" chef and a riveting lecture on Al Capone's rumored North Miami history, led by Alan Sokol.
Over 40 members of the Society dined on delicious selections which included chicken or duck, dumplings, tomato salad, and more.  Rosey Voyce prepared centerpieces which each featured a heart-shaped Capone biography.  Czech Club president Bob Petrik entertained guests with music from his accordian.
After lunch, we heard a tale told by Alan Sokol, crafted from his many hours of research at the Miami-Dade Library and the files of the FBI.  Rumors have long persisted that Al Capone once used the Czech Club site as part of his illegal liquor operations during the hey-days of Prohibition.  Nestled in a set-back area, hidden along the quiet Arch Creek Canal, it would have made sense for him to do so.
Alan was dressed the part of a ganster for his presentation, complete with a gangster-style suit and hat and his "moll," wife Shelly.
Though Alan never could find any "smoking (tommy) gun" evidence that Capone indeed used the Czech Club, there appear to be many pieces of evidence that suggest the story has legs (though we don't know about kneecaps).  Alan's research will continue.
Additionally, the afternoon served as a chance to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of the Greater North Miami Historical Society.  Jackie Biggane put together a collage of photos and stories of our group's accomplishments over the last decade.  All were on display for attendees.  A birthday cake was also served.
To say the least, History Fest III was a joy to attend and full of memories.  We can't wait to see what next year's Fest will be like!