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Pioneer Newsletter September-November 2004
Editor: Jim Morgan (Class of 1958)
320 East Vine Street #4
Murray, Utah 84107
(801) 261-1906


Sorry about being very late with this issue of the Pioneer Newsletter.
Life has been very wild for the last few months in the Jim Morgan
household here in Utah. A little minor heart surgery, research for a
biography on Thomas B. Marsh (early Mormon apostate apostle) that I'm
writing, working on a local political campaign that I felt very strongly
about, working with two heroin addicts in a church calling trying to keep
them clean and two major genealogical project have taken much to much of
my time. Now life has settled down again.

Next Issue of Pioneer Newsletter: I will be sending out another issue on
the Pioneer Newsletter in December. If you have anything that you would
like included in it please e-mail me within the next two weeks.

Last Year's Pioneer Christmas Newsletter: I've also been asked to send
out again the "Special Christmas in the 1950's North Miami" by a few
classmates. If anyone would like a copy please let me know by e-mail.
It's a fun way to remember what Christmas was like in the North Miami
area in the mid-1950's. I will not be sending it out to everyone.

Gift Ideas-North Miami High School Products: While playing around on the
Internet I found a site that has North Miami High School products
available for sale. It has photos of the products and wonderful
descriptions of 97 products. Be careful if you order anything because
some of the items were made up for the Class of 1983's 20th Reunion last
year. Here's how to get into the site:

Go to Google: Put in "", click on Shop "School and
Education. Type in North Miami, click and walla you are there.

Some of the many products listed are: Baseball Cap $13.99, Baseball
Jersey $18.99, Golf Shirt $19.99, Logo Mug $12.99, Mouse Pad $11.99,
North Miami "Seal" Wall Clock $11.99, Tote Bag $14.99.

Hurricane Updates: I received over fifty updates from former Pioneers
about their dealings with the hurricanes this year. Many had damage but
none reported major damage which is a miracle because NMHS Pioneers live
all over Florida, Georgia and the other Southern States. There are to
many to include in the Pioneer Newsletter. A few Pioneers lost trees, had
car damage from flying objects and minor structural damage from the
constant wind and rain. No known loss of life or serious injury.

Passing of Fred Basnett (NMHS Teacher): Basnett, Fredric D., 73, died May
18, 2003. Residing in Mannington, West Virginia, he moved to Sunshine
Ranches in 1968; M.S degree West Virginia University. Member of Sigma Tau
Fraternity. Earned Eagle Scout Bronze Palm. He was passionate about his
tree nursery, bass fishing, archery and family, Dade County Educator &
Chairperson Science Department at North Miami High School for 38 years;
State of Florida Outstanding Biology Teacher. Under his mentorship over
25 students acquires Westinghouse Scholarships. Owner of Trail's End
Nursery, he grew & sold mitigation species trees. He leaves behind to
cherish his memory his wife, Deanna; daughter, Amy Jean Jordan (Robby);
his son, Fredric Tim (Victoria); his dear friend Joan Givens; great aunt,
Betty; two cousins, Judy Campbell, Joan Manning; stepdaughter, Vanessa
Marsi (Michael); step granddaughters, Nicole & Abigail. He was preceded
in death by his wife of 37 years, Paula Givens. Services were held at New
Horizon Methodist Church. Special Note: I should have included this
obituary notice in the last Pioneer Newsletter but had misplaced it. I
just found in two weeks ago. When Mr. Basnett started to teach at North
Miami High he was fresh out of college and only a few years older then
his students.

Pioneer Yearbooks Available: I received an e-mail from Dee Basnett about
Pioneer Yearbooks. Please tell me if anyone would like yearbooks for
years 1970 to 1985 and 1992, 1994. If anyone is interested please contact

Greetings Fellow Pioneers:  Jan Drybread Grove (Class of 1956) is hosting
another North Miami High Pioneer Get-Together on February 5, 2005. The
gathering will once again be held at Highlands Hammock State Park just
west of Sebring. Although attendees from the classes of 1955-1957 seem to
outnumber those from later years, all NMHS alumni and friends of NMHS are
welcome. For more information (e.g., driving directions, camping and
lodging, what to bring, etc.) please contact Jan Drybread Grove at: P.O.
Box 1758, Lake Placid, Florida 33862 (sorry, but Jan's is no longer into
e-mail!). Also, if you plan on joining the group, Jan asks that RSVPs be
received not later than Jan. 29, 2005 to help her with the final
planning. Other than eating to begin at 1:00 p.m. the rest of the time is
open for renewing friendships. Jan did not mention a cost but everyone is
asked to bring their favorite casseroles, salads or desert to share. From
past get-together's many start arriving around 10:00 a.m. and stay until
4:00 or 5:00 p.m.  It's nothing fancy, just a fun, laid-back gathering of
Pioneers blessed with the best teenage years of all time! A donation to
cover assorted expenses to Jan would be appreciated.

From Audrey Axelson (Class of 1957): I have some very sad news to send to
you. Iris Stephenson Sharpe has cancer and is not expected to make it.
Your prays and good thoughts would be appreciated. I am trying to confirm
her address so cards can be sent. I will be back in touch as soon as I
know the address for sure. Pat Paterson has been the one I have gotten
the information from. The first message I received from Pat was the
following, unfortunately I was out of town until after the second
message: Iris Stephenson is in rather bad shape with cancer. It is in her
liver, also she is having bowel blockage. So this is not good at all. Her
mom seems to think that she may not come out the hospital this time. I
sure hate to hear this. Iris lived up the block from me while we were
growing up. Joey (Masters) lived on the corner between us. There were lot
of us in that area from North Miami High..The second message came also
while I was away.....Well, I think we are about to loose Iris. Her doctor
told her he had done all that he could do and it was now in "Gods Hands".
Heard tonight that they put her back into the hospital intensive care
unit. They had to do surgery on her intestines, so now Iris has to wear 2
bags. I will keep you in touch....Audrey

From Pat Paterson (Class of 1957): Hi, hope all is well at your end. Some
bad news about Iris (Stephenson) Gudzinshy. She is terminal with
intestinal cancer. They had sent her home couple weeks ago. Saying,"It is
in Gods hands now! "We have done all we can do." Then last week had to
rush her back in with a leakage in the intestine. So they had to put in
another drain tube. From what Jeanie tells me, she now has 2/bag hook up.
Bless her heart. Jeanie tells me that Iris is real weak, and so tired. I
know this may not sound right, but hope and pray if the Good Lord is
going to take her, to please not let her suffer any more then she has to.
I have always believed that the Good Lord does not put any more on us
then what he knows we can handle. Here's Iris's address in case some of
the classmates may want to send her a card: Iris Gudzinsky 1018 Atherton
Lane, Woodstock, Georgia 30189

Barbara Tomko (Class of 1957) & Joel Hollis (Class of 1956): This was
passed on to be by way of Audrey Axelson (Class of 1957): I got this
message from Alyce Brown Hundley. I hate that I seem to be only sending
out only sad things lately. Hopefully Barbara will know how much all of
us wish we could be there to comfort her at this time. It is almost
impossible to imagine the grief Barbara and her family are going through.
Know you all will do your best to help her during this time. That is what
our class does best. Barbara Tomko in your 1957 class husband, Joel
Hollis passed away, he was in our 1956 class. He had been ill for quite
awhile and Barbara has been thru an ordeal with his illness. I spoke with
Barbara this afternoon and told her I'd pass this info on to you as well
as her new address. Maybe some of her 1957 classmates would like to send
her a sympathy card as they were both NMHS classmates and a Pioneer
couple. They were married 45 years and have a son and daughter. Joel
passed away Monday, November 1st., funeral to be in Tallahassee. Address:
Mrs Barbara T. Hollis and family, 1886 Charconnary Place, Tallahassee,
Florida 32317

Assorted Pioneer Classmate Notes:

Lynnia Abrams (Class of 1959): This weekend was to be our reunion but
alas, hurricane Frances came to town to postpone those plans and meetings
of old friends....soooo your newsletter came as a lonely surprise and the
short updates of many of my old friends was so interesting, I decided to
add a short story for my old friends....I married shortly after
graduation, after attending University of Mexico for summer studies, to
Dr. Stephen Rosen, a wonderful dentist from New York.. Three months after
marriage, we were drafted to San Antonio Texas and then for three years
to Fort Hood, Texas..the hellhole on earth in Killeen, Texas....many of
your, I am sure know of Ft. Hood, Texas if you were in the
Army....Traveled much during that period and became pregnant with my son,
Dr. Brad Rosen, in Japan....He was born in Texas and we returned to live
in North Miami Beach, and set up a new dental practice on 79th Street. In
l967, my daughter, Rochelle Joye was born and was pregnant at the same
time with my two friends, Harriet Levine and Merry Sue Marquette
Haber..We all delivered our children with two months of each other and
are still friends and in touch with each other today. Steve developed
colitis cancer and went to heaven.. At that time, my children had
attended North Miami High School and we lived in San Souci in North
Miami.  I was in real estate business and started Classic Real Estate in
North Miami. I remarried Dr. Edward Cohen  of Cohen Fashion Optical and
lived in NYC and Miami for 15 years.  During that period I developed a
line of cosmetics designed for contact lens and eye glasses wearers and
won the Elizabeth Arden Award for most innovative cosmetic line for the
industry which was very exciting and challenging. Sold the company and
then was in the exotic costume jewelry  business with a company called
Zoe Coste in NYC and l2 other cities in USA.  Have divorced for past
several years and am active in real estate business specializing in pre
construction sales and 'flipping contracts' mostly in south Florida and
Las Vegas. Have traveled extensively with my children for many years to
Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Hong Kong, China, France, Greece,
Spain, Germany, Italy, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Namibia, Prague, Hungary,
and recently returned from month long trip to visit my daughter who was
living in Denmark.  Went to visit to Beaches at Normandy and Omaha
Beaches for the 60th anniversary of our solders landing to free Europe. I
have become an international photo journalist and enjoy photography and
traveling. My children, Dr. Brad Rosen and his wife, Raquel, reside in
Los Angeles, California and are ophthalmologists, and my daughter,
Rochelle has recently returned from Denmark and is presently attending
Burning Man in California..look this one up on internet for details. Look
forward to hearing from my old pioneer friends, especially liked seeing
my old neighbor, Mary Gleason's success and must read your book as the
circus performers and mango trees were something we shared in a unique
Uleta neighborhood with my sisters, Rhea Abrams (Class of 1961)  and
Sheryl Abrams (Class of 1962) where grew up together. Please keep me up
on your list and contact me at for your help in
locating our pioneers and wishing you  all light and love for you and
those you treasure...

Barbara Biber (Class of 1958): I miss your monthly letters. Looking
forward to one soon. Could you tell me about a reunion cruise for North
Miami High grads in our era? I am told it will sail sometime next May out
of Fort Lauderdale at Port Everglades. It is a weekend cruise and I
(1958) and a friend who graduated in 1961 would like to go. If you know
anything about it please let me know. My brother and wife, Ray and Alice
Biber, may be interested as well. Thanks for the information ahead of
time. Blessings, Barbara Biber Sorbara

Special Note: Does anyone know about the cruise? If so please let me know
so I can put information about it in December's Pioneer Newsletter.

John Brown (Class of 1958): I'm still hanging around. I retired to
Richmond, Virginia for two months and then found another job. I look
forward to hearing from and about the NMHS Pioneers.

Sue Burgess (Class of 1960): Jim, I just finished reading the news on the
1960 site....If you'll pass the info to Audrey, I think Jackie Dean
Gordon is living in Titusville, Florida.. He was my "steady" when I was a
sophomore, lol... Sue Burgess Bainter

Jan Clapper (Class of 1958): Hello! Got your note. Send okay. Just a
note. Back on chemo. Cancer came back. Doing okay. May have to have 4-8
treatments. So far so good. Jan Special Note: Jan's sister Judy Clapper
was in the Class of 1957.

Paul Colletti (Class of 1958): I have found Paul Colletti living in
Oyster Bay, Long Island, New York, not far from where he attended
college. I've written to him twice. Neither letter has been returned. His
telephone number is unlisted. Sorry to say but it appears that Paul wants
to forget his NMHS days. If I ever hear anything I'll update the

Ed DeLong (Class of 1957): we hear you are once again putting out a
newsletter. Please add Ed and Gloria DeLong to the recipient list. We
have missed hearing from folks! Glad to know you are once again putting
together the newsletter. Ed (Eddie Precott, 1957) is stable health wise
and holding his own. I (Gloria) have overcome the second brokenhankle/leg
incident. I can stand momentarily and walk a few feet, but will have to
remain in the wheelchair indefinitely. E-mail address is (He shares the computer with his wife Gloria).
Home address is Ed DeLong, 172 John Beck Dockins Road, Rabun Gap, Georgia
30568 telephone (706) 746-5901

Rosie Donato (Class of 1958): Happy Thanksgiving! I'm watching a 1994
movie "I Love Trouble" with Julia Roberts and Nick Nolte and our
classmate Mr. Gleason (our Paul) is in the beginning..I know everyone
loves him in "The Breakfast Club" and he certainly did steal that movie
but if you look up his resume on the net you will see the incredible
number of films he has done. Probable a hundred..He is such a wonderful
actor..It's a pleasure to watch him..He makes it look so easy. Love,

Paul Eakin (Class of 1958): Hello Jim, it made it here to Panacea,
Florida. Do you have Frank Furmhmans address? Have a great day. Paul

Frederic Feickert (Class of 1960): Hi Jim, I'm back into life again after
my mental stroke. My blood pressure went up to 201 over 162 and I didn't
die like the doctors said I would. My e-mail address is and that hasn't changed either!

Carole Gibney (Class of 1958): Karen Cross e-mailed me with information
on Carole Gibney. She knew Carole and her husband in Nashville, Tennessee
years ago. Her married name is Thigpen. Karen remembers that she was a
judge when she (Karen) moved away from Nashville. Note: I've found an
address and have written to her. Will keep you posted.

Joyce Glaze (Class of 1956): This was forwarded to me from Nancy Hardin
through my sister in Deland. I was in class of 1956. Since I was listed
among the "lost" people I thought it would be kind of nice to see who is
looking for me. I have lived in Washington state since 1983 and would be
happy to hear from former classmates. Joyce Glaze Francis

Nancy Hitchcock (Class of 1958): Please include me in your mailing of the
NMHS Newsletter. Have enjoyed reading them as Janet Armstrong (1958) has
been gracious in forwarding them to me. Janet sent me the July and August
mailing. Blessings, Nancy (Hitchcock) Hardin

Eileen Horowitz (Class of 1959): We have moved to Key Largo, Florida and
my new e-mail address is

Peyton Kendall (Class of 1958): Presently lives in Cunningham, Kentucky,
retired (more on Peyton in the next Pioneer Newsletter). I just got his
e-mail address.

Rose Marie Knapp (Class of 1955): Thanks, again, for the informative
letter about NMHS. Having graduated in 1955 I don't recognize a lot of
the names that I see, but enjoy reading about their lives anyway. Someone
asked about Andy Murcia. I was friends with his sister, Dolores (Dolly)
Murcia from school through the time of her death in 1979 and have kept in
touch with her family. If you would give him my email I would be happy to
pass along the information to Andy.
Note: I heard from Andy Murcia. If the person who was asking about him
would contact me I'll send you his e-mail address.

Red Lecain (Class of 1958): Thanks for your diligence with the Pioneer
Newsletter. I always enjoy getting the news about fellow students whether
I remember them or not. I don't know where you find the time. Keep up the
good work. Red (Note: I met Red's mother in Hollywood, Florida before I
moved to Utah in 1965. We were members of the same church. I helped her
do some genealogical research that went back to my home state of Rhode
Island. Alice was an angel.

Carol LeTourneau (Class of 1961): I am a graduate of NMSH, class of 1961.
I was checking out the Pioneer 1960 site, came across your newsletter. I
didn't see any correspondence from 1961 graduates, but did recognize a
few of the names who wrote to you. My reason for writing to you is that I
noticed that your address is in Murray, Utah. Quite a coincidence---I was
born there in 1943 at Cottonwood Maternity Hospital. My father was in the
Army Air Corps, stationed at Kearns. We came to Florida when I was two.
In 1993, a couple of my childhood friends & I had the fantastic
opportunity of staying in Park City for 10 days. We thoroughly enjoyed
it. My most memorable times were when we found the house my parents lived
in. It was on W 48th South and was undergoing renovation so I didn't get
to go inside. I also went to the church where I was baptized. At that
time is was Saint Vincents Catholic Church. It is in a residential
neighborhood & is now a Russian Orthodox Church . The priest did open the
church for me so I could see it---what a wonderful experience. Of course
we loved Salt Lake City, did all kinds of sightseeing, all the things
that tourists do. We did the Lake, Promentory, Sundance, went to a taping
of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, walked the Square---it was wonderful. The
scenery is gorgeous---so much different from the flatness of Florida. I
met a man in a shop in Park City whose wife went to NMSH. Her father
owned a Shell Station on 135th & Dixie (I think). Thanks for doing the
newsletter, hope that some of the 1961 grads catch on. Carol (LeTourneau)
Note: The church that Carol's mentioned is just a few blocks from my home
here in Murray, Utah.

Sandra Lovette (Class of 1958): I have never been able to find Mary
Kenny. We were friends all through high school and she was my Maid of
Honor at my wedding but I've lost contact. The last time I heard from her
was in Rhode Island. She was married to an officer and had 4 daughters
but I was never able to get together with her before I left Quonset
Point. I keep looking on the Classmate page but no luck so far.

Judy McCaughan (Class of 1958): We are recuperating from an incredible
vacation out west. Hope I haven't already told you so. We flew to Las
Vegas, walked the hotels, won $350 in slots, rented a car drove to Salt
Lake City, drove to Yellowstone, stayed 4 nights, saw everything in
Yellowstone, drove to Cody saw everything in Cody and surrounding areas.
We came out of Yellowstone going North, so we saw some of Montana,
Beartooth Mountain pass, etc. After Cody we went East, and drove back
through Yellowstone and South staying in Jackson Hole, Saw all of the
Tetons National park and surrounding areas. We also explored Salt Lake
City and learned the history of the Mormon religion on a tour at the
Mormon Temple. In Salt Lake City we went up the Mormon building that is
25 stories high (forgot which one) and I used the restroom, the wind was
blowing so severe outside, that the building was swaying and in the
toilet I was bumping the sides. It scared me so bad, I ran out, grabbed
Jay, shot down the elevator and ran out the door! We walked/hiked miles
every day. We saw antelope, elk, buffalo, big horn sheep, black bear,
swans, eagle, hawk osprey, hot springs, geysers, (we saw so many geysers,
that I started calling it geyser land!) mud holes, saw every possible
type of terrain, the change of colors in the trees were just incredible,
the colors were; red, orange, pink, green, lime, yellow, pale yellow,
shades of brown, trunks were sometimes sharp colors of black and white,
like some one had used chalk and charcoal, we experienced earthquakes,
sandstorms, ice, snow, hail, sleet, wind burn, sun burn, we were at sea
level, and up as high as 11,000 feet, slept in a cabin with no toilet,
shower, or heat for 4 nights, We explored 7 states in our trip. Took 12
rolls of film. Just incredible.

Ray Menze (Class of 1958): I finally got e-mail  Please
write when you can see you... Ray Menze Note: Ray now lives in North
Carolina. He has been out of the loop without an e-mail address. He would
love to hear from former Pioneers.

Andy Murcia-NMHS: Some one asked for information on Andy but somehow I
deleted the e-mail request. I've been in touch with Andy and have his
e-mail address. If whoever was trying to contact him will e-mail me I'll
send you the information. Andy lived at 1400 N. E. 138th Street in North
Miami while he attended NMHS. He's married to the wonderful actress Ann
Jillian. I forgot to check what year he graduated or would have graduated
but he was listed in the 1957 Student Directory put out by the Wheel

Celia Parvin (Class of 1958): ....from K.C. Mo. here.... I got the first
edition of your newsletter today, Aug. 31 st. what a surprise...and
pleasure! I have so much, enjoyed  reading all the comments.  My
question? How in the world do all of you remember all of these people? I
guess I am getting old. Ha! We are both retired, (husband Jack Carnes)
and enjoy family. Today, our grandson, Josh goes to Iraq with the Marine
Corp so we are asking for prayers for him. He says he is well trained and
God is his first defense so we rest in that. Our first GREAT Grandson was
just born last Friday..... and I don't see anyone mentioning any GREAT
grandchildren here so maybe Jack and I just beat all of you. Ha! The
newsletter brought back lots of memories fo things we did..Marcella's
Pizza and those luscious little Garlic Knot rolls......Does anyone know
how they are made? Package it and make a fortune! Keep the newsletter
coming...and I'm so glad I clicked on something from someone I do not
know ........just because it said from NMHS ALUMNI....I don't usually
click on if I dont know the sender.........thanks again for all of your
hard work... What a project... Celia Parvin Carnes (Class of 1958)

Pat Paterson (Class of 1957): My pc.was down for almost month, got it up
and running now. I guess someone has informed you about Iris Stephenson
condition?? She has terminal cancer. I haven't heard any more about her
in several weeks. Will let you know soon as I do. Take care and if you
have a copy of your last newsletter please send it if you don't mind. I
might be going to go to Ireland in May. Good Lords willing, see what I
can find on my mothers side of the family. Have my dads back into the
early 1800. Take care!! "God Bless You and Yours". Pat Paterson

Leslie Peasley (Class of 1960): Hello Jim, I was class of 1960, but had
many friends, a lot from my neighborhood in Ives Dairy Estates, in all
the late '50's classes. I have been reading through your "news" posted on
our web site and while it has taken me several days to get through all of
it, I enjoyed every minute. You have taken on such a big job and I am
sure that everyone appreciates it as much as I. I wasn't sure, but
thought that somewhere in all that info, you or someone might have been
looking for yearbook copies. If anyone is looking for a book to copy to
cd, I have copies of '56, '58, '59 and '60. I have no idea what happened
to 1957. It is possible I never had that one, or that it has just gotten
lost over the years. I think I probably did not buy that one for whatever
reason. I also read with interest the folks you mentioned who live in
California. I think it would be fun to have a Pioneer reunion out here
and invite all the classes to come together for food, drink and
conversation. Do you have a name and address list somewhere that would
make it easy to reach the California crowd? I suppose we could also
include the Western States if there were classmates there who might be
interested. I found my best friend from junior year living down the road
from me in Anaheim, hadn't seen her in 40 years!! Such a wonderful
"find". Leslie (Peasley) Taylor Note: If anyone would like to contact
Leslie just e-mail me for her e-mail address.

Vennie Pent (Classs of 1956): Vennie mailed me a photograph taken many
years ago, at a hotel on Miami Beach. In the photo are from the left Joe
Gomez, Don Lewis, Bill Hampton, Paul Gleason, Tom Sgro, Joe Rojas, Joe
Sheaks, and Vennie Pent (in front). They are all holding adult beverages.
You'll get a kick out of Paul Gleason and Bill Hampton. Vennie got an
email from Don Lewis this morning asking me if I remembered playing in
the Turkey Bowl. We always played on Thanksgiving morning at Bryan Jr.
High. He said that Paul Gleason, Sal Licata and Johnny Bobbitt also
played. About 15 years ago, we moved the game to Atlanta. Duke Jack,
Class of 1958 played.

Special Note: Vennie is a wealth of information on the early days at
NMHS. I never knew him personally at NMHS but sure enjoyed watching him
play at the football and baseball games from the time I moved to North
Miami in October 1954.

Susana Preston (Class of 1958): Dear Jim: 102 !!!! Kind of amazing.
Thanks for the reminder. You are so good about all of this. Hope this
finds you and your family well. I am fine and married. Can you believe
it. My second but who's counting. So now I am Susana Stark but
professionally am still using Preston. I have retired out of the Motion
Picture Industry and am painting custom needlepoint canvases. Am also
building my own line in the little spare time I have. Am heartsick over
the drubbing that Florida has taken with all of these hurricanes. I was
in Miami after "David" and "gone" had a new meaning. I hope that our
classmates have survived and hopefully all are unscathed.

Special Note: If anyone is interested Susanna gave me her new address but
requested that I nor make it public.

Ron Rincones (Class of 1957): Hey Jim, Another great NMHS Newsletter. It
was quite a thrill to read the review and excerpts from Mary Gleason's,
Guava Dreams, which I will order, if Hurricane Frances doesn't wipe me
out tomorrow night. I have fond memories of Mary Gleason, and Uleta. I
pray she is well and happy. Somehow the following got turned around, in
your most recent newsletter. "Camille Messana lives in Orlando, Folorida.
Joey Messana-Masters lives in Las Vegas with his mother but visits his
daughter in Los Angeles quite often". It should read: Joes Messana
(Masters), lives in Orlando with his wife Carol, and Camille Lives in Las
Vegas with her mom. Ron Rincones.

Kathy Shellahamer (Class of 1958): Hi Jim, enjoyed you latest
newsletters. Great job! I have been sick, had a heart catherization and a
defibrillator implanted in me since last I emailed to you. Am recovering
ok. Lost my job cause all the missed days of work back in May. So am
retired now. Does anyone remember Bentley R. Shellahamer ? Class of 61 I
think ? ( my brother) He was in the band and drum major. He just had a 5
way bypass operation on heart, is doing fine. He is now Associate Dean of
Music at Florida State University. Was recently ( 11/03) inducted into
the Hall of Distinction at the Stetson University by the Florida Band
Masters Association and was honored by many people saying wonderful
things about him. Ever hear anything yet on Carol King yet ? She
graduated in 1958 with me, then went into the service. Would love to hear
from other classmates. Take care Kathy Shellahamer

Emilie Sinai (Class of 1958): Had a busy summer. Monique and I took the
four kids and went to Universal Studios for a few days, then with Sabrina
we drove to North Carolina, making several stops on the way to
Hendersonville where we dropped the two older ones for a four week camp
stay. Then two weeks later onto California to see Taryn and family. Came
home to celebrate the High Holy Days and to a very busy Huricane season.
Thank G-d we fared well and hope not to see another one for a long time,
although Hurricane season is officially not over till Nov. 30th. Ulli is
coming to my part of the world Thursday Oct. 7th for a few days. Hoping
to be able to see Joan Applegate, anyone else I don't know, it will be up
to Ulli if he keeps in touch with classmates in this area. By the way,
one of my dearest and oldest friends (44 years) is a 1955 alumni and I
mentioned your newsletters to her. She used to get one from Jan Drybread
but she has not received any from her in a few years and was wondering if
it would be too much trouble to include her in yours. Her name is Fan
Izan (Rothstein). If it's not too much trouble maybe you can send the
last newsletter or two. Thanks you for all your hard work. Hope to hear
from you and Miriam soon. Love from Monique and I and take care. Emilie

Joel Weber (Class of 1958): You probably wouldn't know me. I was at NMHS
in 1956/57. That was my junior year. And it was a great year. Through a
bizarre series of events I ended up going to five high schools in four
years. That year at North Miami was really special. Great kids and I just
kind of felt like I fit. I was really heartbroken when my parents decided
it was time for me to return to Chicago. I guess I've lost track of just
about everyone I knew back then. I used to watch the papers for Ray
Padovan (I think he ended up being a world class swimmer at Indiana).
After I left Florida I corresponded for a long time with Ricki Hoedl. We
never dated. She was just the world's best pen pal. I'd love to drop her
an email if you have an address. And I'd love to get your newsletter.
That's a nice thing you're doing. Thanks so much. Sincerely, Joel Weber

Special Note: Does anyone have an e-mail or snail mail address for Ricki
Hoedl? Nothing will be given out without first getting her permission.

John Ziemer (Class of 1957): Loved your Jul/Aug Newsletter.  You sure do
a good job. I saw lots of names from the past, its surprising how some of
the faces pop up when you read them. It would be great to hear from any
of them, but getting their e-mail addresses is and keeping them current
is tough. I had Audrey Sessoms (Axelson) and Joan Omoletski (Fagan)
e-mail addresses, but they don't work anymore. I would appreciate any
that you could send, that don't mind if they are distributed of course. I
don't know if I mentioned it or not but you can share my phone numbers,
e-mail and snail mail addresses. Say could you send me 3 or 4 back issues
of the Newsletter? Just to bring everybody up to date. We bought a new
house with 10 acres in May and are still moving in, but we hope to put
our old house on the market soon. I mean its Sep. already and two
mortgages are hard to keep up with. Its is out in the country, but closer
to work for me by 10 miles.  I'm still in Missouri, in a little town
called Winfield ( population 723 ) in Lincoln county. About the size of
Ojus, Florida when I was growing up there.  Our new address and phone
number is: 630 Cardinal Hill Road, Winfield, Missouri 63389 (636)
566-8810. His e-mail address is:

A Dose of Smiles: A first grade teacher collected well-known proverbs.
She gave each child in
her class the first half of a proverb and asked them to come up with the
remainder of the proverb. It's hard to believe these were actually done
by first graders. Their insight may surprise you. While reading these
keep in mind that these are 6-years-old, because the last one is quite

1. Better to be safe than......punch a 5th grader.
2. Don't bite the hand that.....looks dirty.
3. It's always darkest before.........Daylight Saving Time.
4. A miss is as good as a...................Mr.
5. If you lie down with dogs, you'll......stink in the morning.
6. Children should be seen and not...spanked or grounded.
7. If at first you don't succeed......get new batteries.
8. Don't put off till tomorrow put on to go to bed.
9. When the blind lead the blind...get out of the way.
10. An idle mind is...........the best way to relax.
11. Laugh and the whole world laughs with you, cry have to
blow your nose.
12. Happy the bride who.........gets all the presents.
13. A penny saved is........................not much.
14. Two's company, three's.................the Musketeers.

 Teacher Arrested (From Ron Adamson (Class of 1958): At New York's
Kennedy airport today, an individual later discovered to be a public
school teacher was arrested trying to board a flight while in possession
of a ruler, a protractor, a set square, a slide rule, and a calculator.
At a morning press conference, Attorney general John Ashcroft said he
believes the man is a member of the notorious al-gebra movement. He is
being charged by the FBI with carrying weapons of math instruction.

Have You Ever Wondered?
1. Ever wonder about those people who spend $2.00 apiece on those little
bottles of Evian water? Try spelling Evian backwards: NAIVE
2. Why do croutons come in airtight packages? Aren't they just stale
bread to begin with?
3. If lawyers are disbarred and clergymen defrocked, doesn't it follow
that electricians can be delighted, musicians denoted, cowboys deranged,
models deposed, tree surgeons debarked, and dry cleaners depressed?
4. What color hair do they put on the driver license of a bald man?
5. Why isn't the number 11 pronounced onety one?
6. If 4 out of 5 people SUFFER from diarrhea...does that mean that one
enjoys it? 
7. Why do they put pictures of criminals up in the Post Office? What are
we supposed to do, write to them? Why don't they just put their pictures
on the postage stamps so the mailmen can look for them while they deliver
the mail?
8. Isn't making a smoking section in a restaurant like making a peeing
section in a swimming pool?
9. Why is a person who plays the piano called a pianist but a person who
drives a race car is not called a racist?
10. Do Lipton Tea employees take coffee breaks?