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Pioneer Newsletter July 2005

Editor: Jim Morgan (Class of 1958)

320 East Vine #4

Murray, Utah 84107

(801) 261-1906



A Few Notes from The Editor (Jim Morgan): It’s great hearing from so many old North Miami Pioneers, especially those from the 1950’s. Your comments help bring back a flood of great memories. My years at North Miami High School were the happiest of my young life even though I went through a lot of abuse in my foster home. From a few Pioneers I’ve found that they also suffered mental, physical, sexual, spiritual or verbal abuse from family members, mostly parents. Not one of them has ever complained about our old school. They only had praise for their great friends, teachers and staff at North Miami High School. Interestingly, this abuse included a few of the most popular students. The wonderful teachers at North Miami High School were the greatest. They spent a lot of extra time and effort after regular school hours as club and class sponsors trying to make us responsible students in our community. Apparently they succeeded as we have many very successful students who became Academy Award winner, actors, authors, broadcasters, business leaders, college professors, district attorney (county and state), doctors, educators, head of a major television station, judges (local, state and federal), law enforcement, lawyers, military career, nurses, pilots, political leaders, religious leaders, scientist and sports stars. A few even won major beauty titles. Most of all they taught us values that made us successful human beings. A lot of our female students became full-time mothers while their children were young and they are to be commended for being stay-at-home moms.

Sad News-Death of Iris Stephenson (Class of 1957): Hi Jim- This is (Jean Stager-Class of 1958). My childhood friend Iris Stephenson (Class of

1957) passed away at 6:00am on July 1, 2005. She will be at Winkenhoffer Funeral Home Kennesaw, Georgia. Viewing will be on Monday July 4th from 4:00 to 7:00pm. Service are Tuesday at 7:00pm. Burial will be at Kennesaw Memorial Cemetery off Whitlock Avenue at 11:00 am Wednesady. She had a tough fight with liver cancer. We are all going to miss her. I want to thank everyone who sent cards to her. She cherished them dearly and kept them in a special box, they meant so much to her. Thank you Jim for being here for us with your wonderful newsletter. Jean Stager Parks(Class of 1958). Note: As I was getting ready to send out this issue of the Pioneer newsletter I received the following note from Audrey Axelson (Class of 1957 President) about Iris. “Organizing the "Reunion Stuff" I came across the booklet from our 25th Reunion. In it we had asked the class to respond to different questions. I thought it may be a nice remembrance of Iris, if I sent you what she had written. Remember this was in 1982: "Iris is married to Gary Gudzinski. Their children are Danny Sharpe 22, Sherry Sharpe 18 and Kimberly Gudzinski 4. Iris is a domestic engineer. Her husband is in the air conditioning business in Atlanta. Iris remembers most of NMHS, 'That it was like a big family-lots of fun and that I was sent to the dean's office for wearing too many crinolines to make my skirt stand out and they were crowding the hallway. The green and gray colors of which I don't like either and the name change from Edward L. Constance to NMH. The sock hops in the cafeteria and Audrey and Fletcher Sessoms as a couple.'"

Happy 90th Birthday to Mrs. Margaret Hogsett: If you remember Mrs. Hogsett, home economics teacher, the thing that you will remember the most was her big smile. I never recall seeing her in the halls without a smile. She started teaching at North Miami at least in 1955 as she was listed in the very first Conestoga year book. Well she just had her 90th birthday on June 23, 2005. It would be great if all of you old Pioneers sent her a belated birthday card. Her address is: Margaret Hogsett Knowles, Gardens West; Apt. 106, John Knox Village, Pompano Beach, Florida 33060. Note: Thanks to Miss Couture for giving me this information.

Early North Miami Photos: Alvin Lederer send me copies of a few photos. One is of the trailer park that was located at 126th Street and Biscayne Boulevard, another of the North Miami Zoo. I’ve forwarded them to the North Miami Historical Society but still have a copy on my computer if anyone would like a copy.

Scott Galvin (Class of 1986, North Miami City Councilman and Pioneer Pride Fund Founder): Hello, Pioneers! One of our fellow alumni, Chuck Corway (Class of 1983), is compiling an historical booklet on North Miami Senior High. In that booklet, he wants to include the names of the valedictorian and salutatorians of each graduating class. Unfortunately, he's having trouble getting all the names, so we're turning to you for help! Here are the classes for which Chuck is still in need of names: 1954, 1955, 1956, 1957, 1958, 1959, 1960, 1961, 1962, 1963, 1964 (salutatorian), 1966, 1968, 1969, 1974, 1976, 1990, 1992 (salutatorian), 1995, 2000, 2001, 2004. Note: If you can provide the names of the valedictorian or salutatorian of any of those, please email me, Jim Morgan at and I’ll forward it to Scott & Chuck.

Trip down Memory Lane-1955 Conestoga Yearbook (Part I): The 1955 Conestoga had as its editors Emma Phillips, Diane Rowland and Dolores Stutz. Inside the front cover is a beautiful aerial shot of the unfinished school. Just that shot of the school brought back a flood of memories to me. Mr. John C. McGuire, principal, wrote the following for the first yearbook: “It is with a feeling of extreme pride that I extend greetings in this, the first issue of Conestoga. Four years have passed since the opening of this school, and we are now graduating our first senior class, another adventure in our “pioneering.” Many changes have occurred since the first hectic days of our opening week of school in 1951, changes which have made our school one of the finest in the state. From a building without a roof we have progressed to our present modern school plant. Now we are looking to the future when we shall have our auditorium, football field, swimming pool, and other improvements. To those who are the first graduating class on North Miami High School we of the administration and teaching staff do offer sincere congratulations and a wish that each one may attain his goal in life.” When the new school opened in September 1951 the faculty consisted of 57 members. By the time the Class of 1955 graduated there were 129 on the school’s faculty.

The class leaders for 1955 were Joe Ryan-president, Edgar Smite-vice president, Judy Bailey-corresponding secretary, Diane Rowland-recording secretary and Jo Moore-treasurer. The class banquet was held at the Starlight Roof of the Biscayne Terrace Hotel prior to the Junior-Senior Prom at the Student Club at the University of Miami. The decorations were elaborate; the music, divine; the setting, perfert for the biggest formal of the year. Baccalaureate was held at the Church-by-the-Sea on Bal Harbour Island. Graduation exercises were at the beautiful Miami Beach Auditorium. The officers for the Class of 1956 (Juniors) were John Brantly-president, Chuck Hunter-vice president, Marcia Kasselman-secretary and Sandy Shotwell-treasurer. The Class of 1957 officers (sophomore) were Audrey Axelson-president, Woody Walker-vice president, Wanda Eckler-secretary and Tony Ronzo-trearurer. The Class of 1958 (freshman) officers were June Moore-president, Pat Hazelrigg-vice president, Pat Delman-secretary and Jayne Gaskill-treasurer. The junior high leaders for the eighth and seventh grades were not listed in the yearbook.

Club Officers, Dreamboats, Hunks and Sweethearts:

Audio-Visual Club: Jim Wulf-president, Vance Seiger-vice president, Edward Hart-secretary & treasurer, Jimmie Harris-program chairman.

Faculty advisor-Mrs. Barbara Green.

Beta: John Reynolds-president, Ronnie Munro-vice president, Sonja Lovseth-secretary, Diane Rowland-treasurer, Sandy Shotwell. Faculty advisor-Mr. Ernest Montgomery.

Bob Club: Steve Slack, Blanche Ceechini-vice president, Bill Stirritt-corresponding secretary, Hope Parzow-recording secretary, Dave Loper-treasurer. Faculty advisor-Dr. Audrey Atherton (Dean of Girls)

Charm Club: Officers not listed.

Fish and Wildlife Club: Officers in alphabetical order. Charles Garnor, Paul Millner, Larry McGee, Pete Quiney, Michael Wezyk, Lane Woodward (yearbook did not list by office). Faculty advisors-Mrs. Margaret Johnson, Mr. Klaus Nordmeyer

Future Business Leaders: Ann Picard-president, Emma Phillips-vice president, Sylvia Walker-secretary, Ralph Shearl-treasurer. Faculty advisor-Mrs. Lois Cox.

Future Farmers of America: Officers in alphabetical order Jay Gould, Bill Hines, James Nolan, James Stevens, Jimmy Stuck (yearbook did not list by office). Faculty advisor-Mr. Perry Sistrunk.

Future Homemakers of America: Dotty Vess-president, Audrey Axelson-vice president, Betty Milone-secretary, Andee DeNote-treasurer, Sue Stafford-historian. Faculty advisor-Miss Connie Couture.

Future Teachers of America: Janet Holler-president, Katherine Fisher-vice president, Lois Fein-secretary, Myrna Genshaft-treasurer. Faculty advisor-Mrs. Mary Niles.

Harmoneers: Clara Mingoia-president, Kermit Mathews-vice president, Barbara Papendick-secretary, Jackie Fox-plublicity chairmen. Librarians were Jackie Fox, Peter Korley and Mike Seagro. Faculty advisor-Mrs. R. W. Dutton.

Honoria: Officers in alphabetical order. Kathy Charlos, Pat Chiaradia, Barbara Dolan, Judy La Scala, Elena Macina, Elaine Prichett (yearbook did not list by office). Sponsor-Mrs. Mary Lucy Gulledge.

Joy Club: Nell O’Steen-president, Sue Nelson-vice president, Ceclia Ryan-secretary, Ida Mae Emory-treasurer. Faculty advisor-Miss Clyde Jordan.

Junior Red Cross: Cynthia Wolf-president, Jack Allar-vice president, Elizabeth Lape-corresponding secretary, Wanda Eckler-recording secretary, John Wulf-treasurer, Allan Baer-publicity manager (faculty advisor unknown).

Key Club: Lucious Powell-president, Ronald Munro-vice president, John Reynolds-secretary, Gary England-treasurer, Diane Power-sweetheart. Faculity advisor-Mr. Hunter Garth.

Latin Club: Harold Siegel-president, Mike Kelly-vice president, Cynthia Wolf-secretary, Joe Criscitiello-treasurer. Faculity advisor. Mrs. Zelma W. Branham.

Mixed Chorus: Diana Holroyd-president, Carole Winterstella-vice president, Judy Bailey-secretary, Wenona Sherberth-robetress, Ronald Munro-business manager. Faculty advisor-Mr. R. W. Dutton.

Pioneer Editorial Staff: Gayla LaPerriere-co-editor, Anne Williamson-co-editor, Elden Beck-associate editor, Folmar Ham-associate editor, Diane Staley-associate editor, Charles Cundiff-exchange editor, Delores Sturtz-feature editor, Faye Lewis-news editor, Emma Phillips-society editor. Faculty advisor-Mr. Stewart Darrow.

Quill and Scroll Honorary Society: Officers in alphabetical order. Ira Catz, Faye Lewis, Emma Phillips, Diane Rowland, Dody Sturtz, Anne Williamson (yearbook did not list by office). Faculty advisor unknown.

Riding Club: Sandra Service-president, Judy Esposita-vice president, Jeanie Dailey-secretary, Bobby Damiano-treasurer, Carolanne Boldt-director. Facluty advisor-Miss Florence Shaffer

Senior Student Council: John Dluhy-president, Sharon Kelley-corresponding secretary, Elaine Prichett-recording secretary, Arlyn Sykora-treasurer. Faculty advisor-Mr. Ernest Montgomery.

Sorrota: Joan Davis-vice president, Betty Petras-secretary, Sharon Hazelrigg-treasurer, Muriel McSheehan-chaplain, Karen Evans-historian (president not listed). Faculty advisor-Mrs. Mildred Comstock.

Sub-Deb: Beverly Edwards-president, Jo Moore-vice president, Sandra Howard-corresponding secretary, Anne Williamson-recording secretary, Diane Rowland-treasurer, Diana Holroyd-chaplain, Wenona Sherberth-parliamentarian, Sue Lowell-historian, Judy Bailey-sweetheart, Joe Ryan-dreamboat (sponsor unknown).

Wheel Club: Pete Cooke-president, Lee Albrecht-first vice president, Armando Norigenne-second vice president, Dick Preston-corresponding secretary, Vic Argento-recording secretary, Paul Hof-treasurer, Bill Stirrett-chaplain, Bob Posnak-parliamentarian, Emmitt Zatrour-sergeant at arms, Sandra Howard-sweetheart. Faculty advisor-Mr. Alan Stratton.

Y-Teens: Officers not listed.

Part II will be in August Pioneer newsletter.

Death of Teachers:

Nina Ketzle was one of the typing teachers. I just found out tonight, June 24, that she died on March 25, 2005 in Pompano Beach, Florida. She had a round face, wore glasses, born July 26, 1912 in Florida.

Agnes Aspinall was another typing teacher. She was born on January 19, 1909 and died on May 6, 2001 in Grand Island, Nebraska. She didn't even crack a smile in her yearbook picture. To tell you the truth she looks very strict.

Miss Virginia Pomroy, drama & English teacher died in March 1986 in Detroit, Michigan. I remember that Miss Pomroy was born in West Virginia and graduated from the University of West Virginia. I’ve just written to the college’s Alumni association to see it I can get additional information on her. She was one of my favorite teachers at NMHS.

Mr. Delbert Blatter, math teacher, died on January 13, 1989, Mr. Melvin Eremic, a coach and biology teacher, died on January 27, 1998. Mr. Chester Rogalski died in November 1994. Claire Rowe died in December 1978.

A few others that I’ve just added to my deceased list are Mr. Robert Blotcher (algebra & basic math), Mr. Dale Bridges (woodwork, metals & mechanical drawing) and Mr. Russell Handy (social studies, civics & speech). I can’t document for sure but I suspect that Mr. James Criswell (metal shop) and Mr. J. Hunter Garth (American history) have also passed on.

Teachers Addresses:

I have current e-mail or snail mail addresses on the following teachers

(the 1950’s era) from North Miami High School. A few I have not contacted yet so I’m not 100% positive that their address is current. I do know that they are not deceased. If you would like the contact information just e-mail me at: I also have a few from the later years available.

Mrs. Martha Boggy (home economics) e-mail and snail mail

Miss Mary Calley (guidance department counselor) e-mail and snail mail Mr. David Bullington (guidance department chairman) snail mail Coach Ward Burgess (physical education) snail mail Miss Constance Couture (home economics) e-mail and snail mail Mrs. Barbara Conrad (physical education) e-mail Mrs. Doris Boling Delabar (physical education) city and telephone number Coach Jack Del Bello (football back coach, physical education) snail mail Mr. Patrick DeLong (art) snail mail Mrs. Aileen Di Nino (music, choral, orchestra) snail mail Mrs. Margaret Knowles Hogsett (home economics) snail mail Miss Marie Mastropaolo (English) e-mail and city Elsie Nicholas (unknown subject) snail-mail Mr. Klaus Nordmeyer (algebra & basic math) e-mail and snail mail Mr. David S. Perrin (industrial arts) snail mail Mr. Harold Quincy (science) snail mail Mr. Perry Sistrunk (vocational agriculture) e-mail & snail mail Coach Peter Stamos (swimming coach & physical education) snail mail Coach Ed Sullivan (football line coach & social studies) snail mail Coach Bill Swettman (Honor Garde & physical education) snail mail Miss Joan Tomol (foods & home economics) snail mail

I thought I had information on Kathryn Martin Negrich (registrar) and her husband Michael Negrich (guidance department) living in Oakridge, Oregon but I’m not sure anymore. Some told me a few years ago that they divorced. Can anyone resolve this issue on North Miami’s two lovebirds? Do you remember when they were making goo-goo eyes at each other before they married?

North Miami Teachers Bio:

Mrs. Barbara Conrad (Taught from 1956 -1972): Dear Jim, I was born in Brooklyn, New York and graduated from Saint Anthony High School in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. I received by BS from the University of Florida and my MEd from the University of Miami. Mr. McGuire hired me for my first teaching job in 1956. I replaced Norma Dean Maxwell. She left in mid-year to dive off a tower on the back of a horse on US 1. The kids had had subs for a couple weeks. What a way to start! I taught Physical Education and Driver Ed. In the early years, I sponsored the cheerleaders. They had scrapbook with pictures of all the girls...starting with the very first squad. I passed it along to the next sponsor, Mrs. Jand Kulka. She kept it up until she left around 1974. I have often wondered what happened to that scrapbook. Does anyone remember girl's basketball back then? They had six man teams...3 guards and 3 forwards. They couldn't cross the center line. I coached intramurals. Both of my children graduated from NMHS. Michael in1976 and Linda in 1978. I left NMHS in 1972. I taught one year at Carol City, 5 years night school at Miami Jackson and the last 14 years at Miami Central. I retired in 1994 and live in Pemboke Pines. Your newsletter is fantastic. Thank you. Barbara Conrad

Miss Marie Mastropaolo (Taught from 1956-1970): Hi, Jim: I was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. I received a B.S. from what was then known as West Chester State Teachers College and a master's degree from Duke University. I taught for two years in Philadelphia before moving to Florida. I taught English at North Miami Senior from 1956 to 1970, when I sought a transfer to Miami Northwestern Senior High School, as part of a voluntary effort to desegregate school faculties. After five years there I resigned my position with Dade County Public Schools, went to work for the teachers' union and enjoyed a second career there for some 20 or so years. My classroom memories are happy ones. It was my good fortune to know and become very fond of a great number of young people, and to enjoy very rewarding relationships with many of my colleagues, including some whose friendships still endure. I did not marry, but I have a host of nieces and nephews, great-nieces and great-nephews. I have also enjoyed the companionship of several dogs -- surely one of God's most precious creatures. The current light of my life is a two-year old Bichon Frise whom I named Bogart -- after the actor, of course. I have only hundreds of pictures of him. Note: She included a photo of her dog. I must say he is very adorable.

Mr. Klaus Nordmeyer (Taught from 1952-1976): I was born in Germany, graduate of the University of Michigan, majored in Geography and Education, graduate work was in Administration and Mathematics. Taught at E. L. Constance, NMHS from 1952 through 1976. Taught Core Program of Science and Geography when we were a Junior and Senior High. I was Department Chairman of Mathematics, bringing in the first computers in Dade County to North Miami High School. Established and taught the Advanced Placement Program in Math. I had the great pleasure of teaching student through a 3 year A. P. Program. They stayed with me in Honors Algebra 2, Math, Ananical Calculus, poor souls. I was Junior Class sponsor for 3 years and Senior Class sponsor for 2 years—those were fun times. Working with some of the most talented student at North Miami High School, and there were so many of them. It made my job easy and enjoyable. I really enjoyed teaching Basic Math to the seniors who needed it for graduation. Needless to say I had a captive audience. Some seemed to appreciate the need for math and had fun with it. In 1976 I was hired to set up the Math Department and establish and teach the Advanced Math Program as well as create a math curriculum at Southridge Senior High in South Dade County. Both my son Kirk (Class of 1976) and daughter Kin (Class of 1975) graduated from North Miami High School. Kim was one of the poor souls who had her father as her teacher in the Advanced Math Program. Kirk is a nuclear engineer for Florida Power and Light and Kim

(Bregmam) is a successful entrepreneur. I want to thanks you for the work you put in compiling the newsletters you have published. It brings back found memories. Mr. N. (how my students called me to my face. Who knows what they really called me.

Class of 1957 News: Audrey Axelson is trying to update her list of e-mail and snail mail addresses for her Class of 1957. Audrey has asked for assistance from other from her class. Here is a copy of her two e-mails to me: First: “Okay here we go! I am going to try to update the Class of 1957. I need your help. I would like to take all the names and divide them up among all of you that will help. I will send the last current address and email I have for the person. If you can call to or whatever it will sure help me. I figure among all you whizzes out there we should be able to get at least 95% of our class. I have a great source that Hank Macari gave me, that he used to find me. It is I'm sure you all have a lot of other good ways.

Please email me and tell me you are willing to help. I will mail you the information and you can keep me updated. I really appreciate any help I can get. It would be great to find a lot and we do have a lot that are lost. What would be really great would be if they had email addresses.....saves a lot of postage. Right now we have 93 email addresses of alumni and I know there are a lot more out there. So please email me once you get this and let me know if you will help or not.... Thanks. Second e-mail: “What a great response I've gotten from my plea. I don't know why I was amazed....after all, our Class has always been the best. So far I have Leon Migalski, Linda Thomas Sammarco, Tommy Inglima, Sue Colombrito Lord, Frances Lehman Hockemeyer, Hope Davis Kilpatrick, Frank Valenza, Judy Clapper Baker, Paula Hottle Higginbotham, Mike Schukert, Paul Willer, Perry (Hubert) Rainey, Hank Macari, Frank Tarbet, Emil Greenway, Martha Veal Greenway, Mike Affronte and Lise Hampton Faircloth. Ms. Mary Calley Brown said she would help with the teacher's addresses. Don't let this wonderful list discourage any of you from volunteering. Remember there were 410 people in our class and a few that over the years have adopted us. If any one has any great ways of finding people....please e-mail me and I will send it on to the committee.” Note: I’ve sent a few e-mail addresses to Audrey. If you know of any please e-mail her at: Note: She also sent me Frank Valenza’s address in Belo Horizonte, Brazil. Our Wayne (Dusty) Rhoads (Class of 1958) also lives in Brazil.

Class of 1960 News: Hello All, Hope everyone is having a happy and safe summer. We have some news to report hence the reason for this summer mailing. Jerry Eglie has volunteered to take on the enormous job of doing a webpage for our group and today you all are going to have an opportunity to take a peek at it. Please be aware that it is a "work in progress" and Jerry would be grateful for any assistance. If anyone has information to add--we need it! We would love it if you have any current information about any of the faculty that we could use to link to his/her photo on the Faculty page. Maybe a synopsis of their lives after we left North Miami High. I know a lot of you caught up with some of the faculty who attended our 40th reunion and we would be grateful if you could write a little piece and send it to me or Jerry (addresses are on the webpage links). Let us know what you are up to and we would love to add it to the site--you know the type of thing that you would find in a reunion Class Directory. As you know, the Committee is going through reorganization. Unfortunately, Skip is no longer able to volunteer the huge amount of time he gave the Committee in the past and his presence is greatly missed. I, too, will be forced to cut my activities back a bit due to the care of aging parents. We have a number of new members whose names you will see on the Committee page. If you have a particular job that you would like to do to assist, please let us know what that is and we will take all comers! Jim Morgan from the Class of 1958 has been writing a monthly Newsletter which pertains mostly to the classes of the waning years of the 1950's. It is interesting and informative and if you are not receiving it and would like to (hope he doesn't kill me for this!), ask to be included in his list: Also, if you have not had a peek at the Alumz Page, you might find it interesting and worthwhile to add your name to the list. You may see some duplication of info but it still seems like it has the potential to be a great site--better than and FREE! So, to keep in touch with the Committee and our fabulous Class of 1960, please bookmark this new site and tell any other classmates or interested friends about our site. Sign the guestbook and let Jerry know that his efforts are appreciated! Best wishes to you all, Mary Bier Wilson

Need Current E-mail Address:

Brigham, Pat (Class of 1959)

McNear, Charles (Class of 1959)

Smith, Arthur (Class of 1958)

Whipple, Alta (year unknown)

I really do appreciate those who let me know that they have changed their e-mail address. It makes life a lot easier. I also pass it on to those who are over your graduating class to keep them informed.

Lost Pioneers:

Andrews, Gay (Class of 1960)

Branch, Gordon aka Twig (Class of 1959)

Disco, Joe (Class of 1958)

Dye, Gerry (Class of 1960)

Powers, John Jed (Class of 1958)

Pat Tranfa (Class of 1957) has changed her e-mail address. Both Audrey Axleson (Class of 1957 President) and I are trying to contact her. Does anyone have her husband’s name (first name) and snail mail address?

Pioneer Notes:

Ron Adamson (Class of 1958): Jim, Thanks for your help in finding Rick Willer. We had lunch today and a nice chat about old times. We plan on going fishing in the near future. I called the number you passed on for Gordon (Twig) Branch in Jacksonville, Florida (904 886-9348) but it was not his number. If you get another lead please send it. Many thanks. Ron Adamson

Barbara Biber (Class of 1958): Dear Jim, When I asked that you send the newsletter to Elizabeth Lennon, Class of 1961, I neglected to include her email. This newsletter was so much fun to read and I really enjoy hearing all the news from the Pioneers from yesteryear. Thank you so much and God bless you for all your good works. Barbara

Mary Bier (Class of 1960): Boy, Jim, just being the "go between" for all these folks must keep you really busy!! It's ok to give my address out in the future but I will save a step by contacting Bob directly. Thanks for all you do...Mary. Note: I’ve included this e-mail just to let you know that I don’t give out e-mail addresses without permission first, but sometimes I do if I know who both people are. I enjoy getting Pioneers friends together again.

Jeff Clark (Class of 1958): Jim, Thanks for your continuing effort which brings a great deal of joy to all of us who have the good fortune of receiving your Pioneer Newsletter. I know that you probably don't want to be a conduit for personal communications, but, would you be so kind as to e-mail Pat Hazelrigg and tell her that I'd be delighted to know where she is and to be able to e-mail her. Thanks. Jeff Clark Note: I gave both of them each other’s e-mail address and a few personal facts as I know both of them from the Class of 1958. As for being a conduit, I’m more then happy to get old friends together. In most cases I will not give out information on a female to a male without getting the girls permission first.

Gene Cochran (Class of 1957): Jim: I saw Gordon Branch (Class of 1959) mentioned several times in your June newsletter. I would like to get in touch with Gordon. Gordon, Ted Crenshaw (Class of 1958), and I served together in the same Army unit in Germany in the early 60s and had a lot of good times. We all went our separate ways soon thereafter and lost touch. If you are in contact with Gordon please give him my e-mail

address: As always enjoy you newsletter. It looks like it getting to be a full time job. Gene

Miss Connie Couture (Teacher-Home Economics 1955 to 1958): Dear Jim, Your newsletters always bring memories of happy days at Constance Junior High School and North Miami High. I pass them on to Margaret Hogsett Knowles who opened the Home Economics departments of both schools. She's now living at John Knox Village in Pompano Beach. She's celebrating her 90th birthday June 23 and I know that she would enjoy hearing from her former students. I've been retired 15 years now. After leaving NMHS in 1958 I settled in the Los Angeles area and taught there 30 years. It's good to be back. Connie Couture

Ken De Fillipo (Class of 1959): Jim, I'm back in the Dominican Republic and just received your recent newsletter. I really enjoyed it and hearing whats happening with everyone. Jim, somehow I missed the name of the book Mary Gleason wrote. Would you be so kind as to e-mail it to me at I receive all my e-mails while I'm here. I just finished closing on my hotel ' SAND CASTLE AT PUERTO CHIQUITA'. If you go to my website..kenneth de you'll see it. I just finished with the Central Bank to purchase all the land from the airport to the hotel about 5 miles to develop an Industrial Park, championship golf course, tennis academy, marina, casino, villas and estate homes. As the Dominican Republic is a poor nation. I'm working with Hope Ministries and Absolute from Canada providing housing, sanitary sewerage and good drinking water. Next month we will build 1,300 homes for familes living in tin shacks with no sanitary sewerage and no drinking water. The homes will be 2 bedroom, bath, kitchen and living room. Also developing a vocational school to teach the students that can't afford to go to the University a profession. The Central Bank is providing the land....Andy Murcia, WOW! it's been a long time. I go back to Paul Jacobe and Rick and the drug store by Marcellas...Those were the good days. Great memories.....Jim, you mentioned in the newsletter...ULETA. Uleta is in North Miami Beach where I'm Vice Mayor and I have to tell you what a big change in that community. When first elected I told everyone at the commission meeting that when you cross 6th Ave. you don't know your in North Miami Beach. You've developed every part of the city but Uleta.....You should see it today...The homes are selling for 200 to 300,000.... It really has become a beautiful community. Thanks again Jim,,,,,,,,Ken De Fillipo

Fred Edelson (Class of 1960): I'm Fred Edelson, I am wondering how to go about receiving this newsletter. I can't remember (who can) how I wound up here. I imagine it was a link from another site. I was also on the 45th reunion cruise and hope we have another one but longer. Maybe it being the fiftieth will inspire more attendees. Some of you may not know this but the school will be razed in a couple of years after they build a 4 story new one on the existing athletic fields. After the schools finished the old school will become the new athletic facilities. Thanks in advance, Fred

Robert Egan (Class of 1960): Could you get me Mary Bier's e-mail or ask her to e-mail me? She mentioned George Smith and I think we enlisted in the Navy together in 1960. I'd love to find him. Note: I put them in contact with each other.

Allan Emerman (Class of 1958): Jim, Please change my e-mail address from to Also, one of your newsletters mentioned a Judy Teague (Class of 1959). She was a great friend of mine and if you could forward my e-mail address to her and tell her I would like to hear from her, I would appreciate it. She was my friend and Joanna Bostwick's friend (deceased) and we hung out a lot. Thanks, Allan. Note: again, I put them in contact with each other.

Fritz Feickert (Class of 1960): Hi James R. Morgan, I really enjoy reading your news letters about the North Miami Pioneers. I was going on the Class of 1960 cruise ship reunion, and I even bought my ticket. Then my blood pressure went up to 245 over 175 and all the doctors were sure that I was going to die. I didn't die and I got over the high blood pressure problem, but I could not go anywhere. No one can now tell me why my blood pressure goes " haywire" now and then, and I take more pills then ever before. I still any physically well, and I even work and play hard! The doctors have given me more tests then I can count. The results don't give them any answer to my "WHY" question! If I can, I will go the Class of 1960's 50th reunion. Fritz Feickert, Class of 1960 happy grad!

Carolea Feneis (Class of 1960): Jim, To my knowledge Tom Baxley died in Vietnam, and he was in my Class of 1960, not 1959. Liked the newsletter, little bit lengthy though. Would love to have Marcella's recipe for those great garlic rolls, but I think if one makes yeast rolls, fresh garlic, parsley, and oil, puts it in a bag warm, one has the same thing she had. See ya, Carolea Feneis(Evans) 1960. Note: I e-mailed her that Tom Baxley was not deceased but alive and enjoying life. Another e-mail: Hi Jim: So sorry, someone told me Tom was deceased. Anyone know where Mike Posnick is (Class of 1960)? Took a trip out west in May-June, camping with a friend from work. Went to 20 Nat'l Parks and I must say, Bryce was the best ever! I think I took more pics there than anywhere else. Bob Minium who grad I think in 1958 is living in Weston, Florida or I think he and Sharon are still living there. They used to be my neighbors until several years ago when they moved to Weston, which is a little west of Fort Lauderdale. Maybe he grad in 1956, I don't know! Keep in touch, Thanks, Carolea. My reply to Carolea: I've found Tom Baxley and he is alive and well. He works in the Florida education system. The person who asked about him, Vennie Pent (Class of 1956), thought he was in the Class of 1959. Yes, the Pioneer newsletter is long, usually about 20 pages. The next one is 13 pages already. I include a lot of information, mostly for the Classes of 1955-1959. That's who the newsletter is dedicated to. We are at the age were we are retired and enjoy hearing about the days of our youth. I know many of those who graduated in 1955 and the next few years. I was asked by a few of the leaders from your class to send it to those in the Class of 1960 because many of them had brothers and sisters who attended from 1955-1958. Sorry but it will always be long. For those of us who grew up loving Marcella's garlic rolls the simple road is not good enough. As you mention they were great. Believe me, your idea of making them is not the same as the real thing made by Marcella. That's what made her famous and endeared Marcella to us. Her garlic rolls bring back a little bit of our youth. Jim. GO PIONEERS!

Roger Clive Fielding (Class of 1955): Hey Jim, Rose Vasil (nee' Knapp) found me today and forwarded one of your newsletters to me. I would greatly appreciate it if you could add me to your distribution. You said in the newsletter "If anyone has copies of the newspapers from 1952 thru 1959 I’d appreciate it if you would make copies." I have a few copies of The Pioneer and will be happy to make copies of them and send them to you. I think that the ones I have are all from the 1954/5 period. During all of these years I knew that someday, someone just might want to read them again. Gotta tell you, hearing from Rose and talking to her has brought a rush of memories and left me feeling kind of spacey too. Second

e-mail: I am overwhelmed, thank you so very much! I have only gone through the first e-mail, but was astounded to see the recipe for Marcell'a garlic rolls. I have tried to duplicate those rolls for years, without success. They were simply the best ever. Believe it or not, I work with a fellow "Pioneer", Class of 1959. Her maiden name was Darlene Pio and she actually worked at Marcella's and was a close friend of hers, but even Darlene did not have the garlic roll recipe (I have e-mailed it to her). Darlene told me that Marcella used the cut edges from the perimeter of the pizzas to make the garlic rolls. She would also twist them into a sort of braided shape. They were small too, about 1 1/2 inches across, not the way most places serve them now - the size of hockey pucks! Second e-mail: Jim, Darlene was delighted with your offer to put her on the list. Her full name is Darlene Schmidt. Her e-mail address is (I’ve not included it because it is a work e-mail address but will give it out on a one-to-one basis). By the way, I had dinner with Rose last night and we had a great three hours of memory exchange and current status of one and all. Regards, Clive.

Valerie Healy (Class of 1959): Our reunion was the greatest. Hi Pioneers! I’ve just finished watching the video of the 45/46th Reunion in Rolling Hills—It is more then marvelous—I re lived the good times and they were many. It was such a fun time and the video has the program—put on by Paul and Sylvia—I wouldn’t have missed it. If you all don’t make the next one, it will be your loss. What love and friendship –you’ll feel it when you see it. Thank you, thank you—“We are too good to be true”—For sure! See you all again soon. Love and hugs, GO PIONEERS

Nancy Hitchcock (Class Of 1958) Hi Jim, I'm not lost....but can be found at a new e-mail address (will be given out only upon request per Nancy). Was great to receive the June Pioneer Newsletter.......Reading the Pioneer Newspaper article on Coach Fred Hyrne brings lots of Memories to my mind.....Coach Hyrne was also the First Principle and Coach at NW Christian Academy....he was such a gentleman of integrity and moral principles and godly character many were blessed to be under his leadership.......he was a coach with unconditional love and the coach of a second chance boys lives were blessed and inspired by him also........Coach Hyrne's son Mike is still teaching at NW.

Gordon Humbert (Class of 1955): Hi Jim, sure do enjoy the news letter I am sure you have seen many of these memory things of the past but this one hits the nail on head keep the good stuff coming. A big milestone this year 2005 our first 50 year graduating Class of 1955. Cheers, Gordon Humbert. Class of 1957, two more till the big “50”.

Gerry Katz (Class of 1958) and Judi Butler (Class of 1959): Jim: Bill Orcutt and wife Pat Griffin live at 1342 Camellia Circle, Weston, Florida 33326. I don't have an e-mail address for them but the next time I see them on the street, I'll ask them about it. However, you might try dropping them a line and forwarding this message onto anyone looking for either or both of them. BTW, did you do a newsletter in May? If so, I never received it and have now become use to reading it each month. You do some GREAT work keeping people "in touch." My wife (Judi Butler - Class of 1959) and I decided to attend the Saturday evening 45th reunion. It was a blast and we were glad to join the crowd. I won't miss the next reunion of either 1958 (my year) or 1959. Thanks for all you do. Gerry Katz

Frances Lehman (Class of 1957): I had a scrapbook FULL of the old articles, I had EVERY one of them . . . gave it to Audrey Axelson

(Sessoms) about 5 years ago to preserve for the class . . . don't know what she's done w/it . . . . if you haven't heard from her I'll email her and ask . . . Fran Hockemeyer. Note: Audrey would you please make a copy and share them with me. I’ll put them in future Pioneer newsletters.

Jim Lombard (Class of 1960): Afternoon Jim, Jim Lombard here. Sure wish I had gotten your May newsletter before we went to Miami for the 45th Reunion. I really had my heart set on two things that I had only seen in the greater Miami area - a Royal Castle hamburger, and a Pastrami sandwich from Wolfie's. Didn't get either! Near as I can tell Wolfie's has closed up their stores (the one on Miami Beach being gone was a shock as that place had been there since we moved to South Florida in the late 40's), and could not find a listing for Royal Castle anywhere. Reading the May newsletter I saw two addresses and since I did not have those available have no idea if they are good or not. I had told my wife (she's one of those California girls) about both and I'm not sure I convinced her but she was willing to give them a go. I long since gave up finding a Grable's Bakery so had decided to try to find something in the sandwich variety. Part of the reason for this note is the piece below. I have posted it on a couple of the North Miami sites in the hope someone will respond, but since your newsletter has such a wide circulation, and at least one of the people mentioned (Sandy) is believed to have been in a later class then ours, I was hoping you would include the base request for information in your next newsletter. Thanks a lot for all the hard work you do on the newsletter. I agree with the comments made by several others that many of the names (from my class as well as others) mentioned are complete foreign to me, but every now and again one stirs up the old memory neutrons and evokes a pleasant thought or two. This was posted on the NMHS "chat" on 6/3/05 - please feel free to edit as necessary. Cheers, and thanks – Jim. Several of the Class of 1960 are trying to locate Gay Andrews and I promised to help. It would be VERY useful if anyone knows her FULL name, birth date, and of course a SSN would be fantastic, but I sorta doubt anyone has that unless you were (or possibly your parents were) by chance her employer at one time. Gay has a brother, but no one knows his given name - we have what we believe is a nickname "Sandy", but not a given name. Gay's mother (Edna) is believed to have re-married (Hal?) but we have not come up with the name she used after she re-married. Any address information would be great. Gay Andrews is listed on the NMHS "missing" database as having used a last name of both Dillon and Guthrie, and I have been operation on the assumption Guthrie was the last - anyone know for sure? Not having a state to start in creates a lot of problems as the search exceptionally broad. There is a Gay Guthrie living in Colorado (unlisted phone) and one in Kentucky who are close to the correct age - in pursuing leads on Gay Guthrie I contacted a delightful lady in Luling, Texas who is close to the right age (1943), but, alas, she is not the right lady. If anyone has information concerning the whereabouts of Gay please contact me via

e-mail: If you would be so kind, please send the information to me directly rather than posting it on this BBS as a response to this posting. Thank you in advance for any help you can provide. Jim Lombard. Editor’s Note: Gay Andrews lived at 11802 N. E. 11th Place while attending North Miami High School. That old Wheel Club Student Directory for 1957 sure comes in handy 48 years later.

Sonja Lovseth (Class of 1955): Good morning Jim, Rose Marie forwarded your newsletter on to me and I really enjoyed it. Co-incidentally you reprinted an article from the Pioneer about the cheerleaders and I was the 8th cheerleader which the paper left off. My knees remind me frequently that I was on the cheerleading squad the whole 4 years of high school. The names you had question marks by were Billie June Lyle and Mary Little. You are doing a fantastic job, thanks, Sonja

Steve Jacobson (Class of 1961): Hi Jim, Tom Houlton has been forwarding the newsletters to me. I thought you could post in your next newsletter, the passing of Susan (Greene) Surloff, Class of 1962, last week from cancer. Anyone that knew Susie knew how courageous she was, having polio as a child and overcoming many obstacles over the years. Thank you for all your good work and please add me to the mailing list. Steve P.S. Our visit with Tom Houlton and his wife Karrie was very enjoyable Memorial Day weekend.

Thelma Margerum (Class of 1959): Hi Jim, In playing around on Google today I typed in "North Miami High School 1959" and came across your article of December 2004. I would truly like to be put on your list for the Pioneer newsletter. I grew up in North Miami at N. W. 7th Ave and 130th St. I went to Ben Franklin Elementary School and went to North Miami while it was a Junior-Senior High School 1953 until Nov 1956 when my father decided he'd had enough of Miami and moved us to Ocala, Florida. If I had stayed in Miami I would have been a 1959 graduate of NMHS. Hard to believe the school has gone down hill, but it is over 50 years old, me too and I have gone down hill also. I have some really fond memories of it, especially the Band and Mr. Alexander, and Mrs. Colture my home room teacher those years. I have also wondered what became of a lot of the students that went through elementary and junior high with me over the years, I do still hear from one, Sandra Thompson who now lives in Aberdeen, South Dakota. I have the year book for 1956 sitting in front of me, I think I will take some time and really look at it again. Please put me on your list. Thelma Margerum Kifer, Summerfield, Florida. E-mail: Second e-mail: OK Jim, guess my memory isn't as good as it should be, but for the life of me the only home room teacher I remember was Miss Couture (Constance/Connie) and it was in the Home Ec lab, we sat at kitchen tables instead of desks. I don't remember a Mr. Knight at all. I'm glad you are still in touch with her; tell her one of her old students still remembers her fondly. She even signed my 1956 year book. I went back over the teachers and other staff, and remember so many of the faces, the only one I couldn't identify is who the typing teacher was, I remember her as a stickler, believe that class was right across the hall from Home Ec. I did turn out to be a pretty good typist. I spent some time working during my study hall in Myra Seward (Dean of Girls office). Note: Thelma Margerum also sent me the e-mail address of Sandra Thompson (now Ehlers) who was another member of the Class of 1959. Sandra now lives in South Dakota. Third e-mail: Hi again, I am still reading your pioneer newsletters on the net, in the Jan/Feb issue you mention a Pat Hamilton (1958) and an article on her son in Iraq. I was wondering if this is a Pat Hamilton that I knew, do you know if she lived near N. W. 7th Ave and 130th St. If this is the Pat I remember my father took both of us down to the Social Security office one day to get our SS numbers, hers is one number different than mine, not sure which way.

Could you please find out and see if I can have her e-mail address. Gosh, I really have enjoyed reading about all these people, some names I remember others I don't but still very interesting. You are sure lucky to be living near the "Great Library". I to am into genealogy so that would be a very interesting place to be able to visit any time you wanted. I too have family from the Connecticut/Rhode Island area, my maternal side leads back to many early New England families. OK Jim, I guess for one e-mail I have asked enough question.

Ray Menze (Class of 1958): Hi Jim. Thanks for the e-mail and June Newsletter. You provide an important means of connection and communication. I have been in contact with many Pioneers thanks to your efforts. What ever happened to Art Cliff Siegal, he and I went to University of Florida to study architecture. Neil Berman, who lived near me on NE 146th Street. Joe Disco, he entered United State Army and sent to Fort Jackson, South Carolina with me. Keep in touch. Ray. Note: I send him Neil Berman’s e-mail address and Cliff’s snail mail. Cliff’s e-mail address is a business one. Second e-mail: Jim, thanks for updates on Cliff and Neil. Joe Disco lived on NE 9th Avenue between

145 and 146 Streets, his picture is on page 209 of the 1958 yearbook. He entered the US ARMY in October 1963 at Fort Jackson, South Carolina. What ever happened to Gerry Dye (Class of 1960), John Jed Powers (Class of 1958). We all lived on NE 146 Street as did Ulli von Burski (Class of 1958 exchange student from Germany). GO PIONEERS. Ray

Jim Morgan (Class of 1958): I’ve been asked about myself by many of you who don’t know me so here is a short biography on me. School Address: 1020 N. W. 134th Street, North Miami, Florida. Graduated 9th grade NMHS. Home room was #5 (Miss Grantano). I was in theater and plays with Miss Pomeroy’s advanced drama class, member of the Junior Optimist Club, Thespians Club, Junior Class Prom Committee. My birthday is 23 October 1939. Friends at NMHS (all Class of 1958): Mary Bush, Ann Calderone, Janet Dacey, Mary Ann Dixon, Rosie Donoto, Paul Eakin, Jim Elam, Joe Grisillo, Richard Jenkins, Denisha Morris, Emilie Sinai, Karol Timblin, Sam Robertson. College info: University of Maryland (Philippines), Miami-Dade Junior College, Brigham Young University (BYU). Double major: Archaeology & Anthropology, double minor: History & Hebrew. Spouse: Miriam Grob (married 17 Feb 1966)-she is a native of Salt Lake City.

Children: Linda, Denisha (named after Denisha Morris), 3 grandchildren, 2 girls-Megan (15) & Alana (17), 1 boy-Cody (10). Occupation: Worked for Winn-Dixie as a meat cutter after Air Force. Retired salesman, office furniture & supplies. Joined the United States Air Force after junior year in high school. Received my GED diploma June 1958-records sent to North Miami High School. While in the U.S. Air Force I traveled to the Philippines, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, Viet Nam, Thailand, India, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Borneo and many of the Pacific isles, Mexico, Canada, Italy, Puerto Rico, Bahamas, Barbados, United States (43 of the 50 states)-been to Hawaii 5 times. I went to Havana, Cuba with members of my Spanish class while in high school for a nice long weekend. My mother died 23 December 1949 in Pawtucket, Rhode Island. I transferred to NMHS from Providence, Rhode Island in October 1954 with my foster family (Charlie Holland). Left NMHS after junior year due to abuse problems in foster family. Carolyn Donahue (Class of 1958) was my foster father's niece. Interest: Genealogy (New England, French-Canadian, French, Irish, Scottish). I've written my personal history and a Morgan family history. I am now writing a book on 11th great-grandfather Louis Hebert, 1st settler in Quebec 1617. Have also done research for other Pioneers including Vennie Pent, Jean Costello Overfelt, a kissing cousin (wife of Lee Overfelt-Class of 1958). Jean grew up about a half-mile from me in Pawtucket, Rhode Island and I found that we were “kissing cousins” because we both have a common genealogical link. I enjoy reading mysteries, biographies, traveling. I love to cook but I don’t like to clean up the mess. I have cooked all the food alone for church dinners of 200 plus people a few times. GO PIONEERS!

Jim Parker (Class of 1959): Dear Jim...I really enjoy getting your newsletter which was forwarded by Margaret (Cookie) Smyth Bishop, also Class of 1959. Please add my E-Mail address to your distribution ( My wife Joyce Moody Parker (Class of 59) and I both enjoyed the recent Reunion and opportunity to reacquaint ourselves with old classmates - no pun intended. Does anyone have a contact for Mr. Nordmeyer (math teacher) from the high school years? I always respected Mr. Nordmeyer a great deal and am sure that he was the best and most influential (positive influence) teacher that I had during my high school years. Unfortunately, I never got around to telling him that and hope it is not too late to do so. Anyway, thanks for publishing this Newsletter. Jim Parker

Leslie Peasley (Class of 1960): Good morning from California! I am devouring the most recent newsletter and see a note from Sandra Lovette. Her sister Carolyn was in my class, 1960, and they were neighbors of ours in Ives Dairy Estates. Do you have her e-mail? I would love to get in touch. Thanks, Leslie Peasley Taylor

Vennie Pent (Class of 1956): Jim, I made some more copies of the North Miami High School and Florida Gator stuff. Buddy Martin (South Florida sport writer and radio broadcaster) and his wife Joni Sharp, Class of 1958 are staying with Rosemary and I next Wednesday, before Buddy drives to Columbia, South Carolina to interview Coach Steve Spurrier. After the Spurrier interview, Buddy is going to Pinehurst, North Carolina to cover the US Open. I'll send you copies of stuff that I don't think you have.

Note: Buddy Martin and Vennie were friends from the University of Florida.

Wayne Reamey (Class of 1958): Hey Jim, just a short note to let you know about my new e-mail address as I sure don’t won’t to miss anything about

the Class of 1958.!!! Thanks.!!!! Hope you have a

good summer and a happy 4th of July.!!!! Wayne

Wayne (Dusty) Rhoads (Class of 1958): Jim will you publish these comments in the next Pioneer newsletter for me? To Janet Armstrong, Rosie Donato, Joan Rivers I loved the Sock Hops, and the opportunity to dance with you guys. Janet I always had a crush on you. Rosie in my opinion you were the smoothest dancer, and best follower that I have ever danced with. Joan River I so loved to dance with you doing the bop, and those crazy dances that we used to get down on. Though my best friend, and your brother Jack (God bless him) use to threaten to kick my back end for dirty dancing with his sister. I miss my old friend Jack so very much. I so appreciated the short time I have with him in DC. Isn't it wonderful how our memories and friends we had in High School (North Miami) will always be in our hearts for all our lives? To Ronald Adamson my next door neighbor remember when we were young the Halloween nights that your mother dressed up, and sent us out to wreak havoc on the neighborhood. Ronald remember the old cars that you, Jack Rivers, and myself kept running and repairing? To my friend Don Lanning, how are you doing buddy? To all, does anyone remember the field trip that was organized to go to the downtown Miami to see Elvis Presley perform? He arrived in a gold Cadillac? To all my old high school friends, and anyone wanting to hear about this beautiful country I live in. I can be reached by e-mail at Please to anyone wanting to remember the old times I would love hearing from you all also. I live on a beautiful paradise island called Ilha Bela. I would love to reminisce, and communicate with you all. Jim, God bless you for bringing all of us together in our hearts, minds, and memories. Yea 1958 Wayne (Dusty) Rhoads. Note: I, (Jim Morgan), took a date to see Elvis at the Paramount and loved the show. I don’t remember my dates name but I remember the concert very well almost 50 years later. Elvis was the greatest performer that I have ever seen in my life.

Gloria Sgro (Class of 1957): Hi Jim, I just read your recent newsletter, and what a thrill. Thank you for doing this. I am alive and well in Cleveland, Ohio and looking forward to the next class reunion. Does anyone know where Edgar Smith is (Class of 1955). Please remind everyone to buy Johnny Bobbit’s book. Its great reading, I loved it. Very sincerely, Gloria Sgro Disanto. Note from the editor (Jim): I’ve read Johnny’s book also and it is a great read. It’s a “Who’s Who” of the music and sports world, starting in the late 1950’s. Johnny’s been involved with all of the big names of Rock and Roll and sports over the years. He goes by Johnny Holliday professional as the “Voice of the University of Maryland Terrapins” football and basketball teams since 1970. His work as a disc jockey is featured in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Johnny also hosts a weekly nationally syndicated show “Catholic Radio Weekly” that addresses the major issues facing the nation and the Catholic Church. The book is titled “Johnny Holliday from Rock to Roll”, printed by Sports Publishing LLC. You can get additional information at The part that I loved about the book the most was his telling about life in Miami and his comments about by idol as a youth, the great Teddy Williams. The book is very touching. The love he has for his wife and family comes through loud and clear. Its refreshing to read a book that expresses family values. If you wish Johnny’s e-mail address just get in touch with me at: I don’t want to list it here to protect Johnny’s privacy but I know he would love to hear from old Pioneer friends.

Stephen Slack (Class of 1955): We have tried the Marcella's recipes three times...and it sure comes close to the original. Recommend everyone try using fresh pizza dough that can be purchased at your favorite pizza shop...Publix...or, similar stores. We think it works a little better.

Allan Webb (Class of 1957): Jim, Please re-send me the June newsletter. I got it on my laptop while on the road and didn't get a chance to read it

- and now it is lost. Thanks so much. I appreciate your efforts in putting together such a marvelous newsletter each month! Allan. Note: I resend about two or three a month to those who deleted, etc. to soon. To

all: don’t hesitate to ask for another copy. It’s your Pioneer newsletter to enjoy and pass on to others.

Michael Winn (Class of 1960): Hi Jim: Thanks again for all the wonderful nostalgia from former Pioneers. I really enjoyed reading about the 2005 graduation and how impressed those three former Pioneers were at the ceremony. Somehow I didn't envision it as being something too moving. I'm jaded. Someone mentioned being in choir with Eleanor Kuhlmann and I thought I'd fall out of my chair. I hadn't heard that name in almost fifty years. We lived right next door to the Kuhlmanns’ on NW 118th Street. She lived in a duplex (as we did) with her parents and I believe her grandmother lived in the other side. It amazes me how many Pioneers remember Little River, the Rosetta theater and the Little River Royal Castle. I think I spent every Saturday at the Rosetta. For a dime it seemed like we were entertained for hours and then to come out and go right next door and get a burger and birch beer for 20 cents was heaven. My sister worked at the Little River Bank and Trust Company on Second Avenue and occasionally I would meet her after work on Friday and we would go across the street to Watson's Restaurant. What a treat that was! They had great pies. Does anyone remember the old Coast Cities Coaches buses? That's how I would get down to Little River from 118th Street. Those old buses were falling apart as I remember but somehow they always got us where we were going. Before that we lived on 85th Street and could walk easily into Little River. There was a Food Fair in Little River and my mom shopped at a store called The Hub and always took us to Jackson’s for our Back-to-School clothes. We would often go to Mike Gordon's on the 79th Street Causeway for dinner and another restaurant that I think was on Biscayne Boulevard (US1) called Cliffords. It was always a special treat to go to Cliffords. Whenever we wanted Chinese Food (which seemed to be quite a lot) we went across the 79th Street Causeway to Fu Manchu's. They had the best moo goo guy pan. And, of course, if we wanted garlic rolls dripping with garlic we went to Marcella’s. But does anyone remember a restaurant that was out west either on 119th Street or 125th Street that was called Wigglesworths (or something like that). I have very vague recollections of it but somehow it has always stayed with me. Perhaps because of the very odd name. It may have been by the old Opa-Locka Airfield, I'm not sure. But what I do remember is that it was always a big deal for us to go there. I guess the food was good. Then there was also a diner at 79th street and NW Seventh Avenue where we would occasionally eat. I delivered the Miami News (the afternoon paper) as a kid and I picked up my papers right off NW Seventh Avenue at about 95th Street. I think about it every time I am on I-95 and go past that spot. On Sunday morning I would have to get up at 5am and go in the dark and get my papers, get them folded and delivered so that people could enjoy their paper with their morning coffee. I don't think we locked our front door half the time then and I'd leave on my bike in the pitch black of night. I was about 12 or 13 years old. It was before I went to NMHS. I can't imagine letting my child do that today but it was a different world. No one ever bothered me and I thought it was great fun. I'd have a basket filled with papers on the front and my saddle bags filled with papers on the back. The Sunday paper was always the worst as it was so much bigger than the dailies. I don't ever remembering it raining while I was trying to get the papers delivered (although it must have at some point). I just remember what good training it was for me. I had to go collect the money from the people and some were really nice and would give me a tip (I loved that) and some wouldn't answer the door when I rang the bell even though I would hear noise from within (no A/C back

then) and my parents told me that that was the way life is always going to be and I just had to be persistent. I followed their instructions and sure enough I would catch them on pay day and I would finally get to collect. Thanks again for all your hard work on the Newsletter. I read EVERY word. Michael Winn

MEMORIES (From Gordon Humbert-Class of 1957). I’ve included the following e-mail from Gordon because it brings back a lot of memories in just a few lines on how life was in the 1950’s.

A little house with three bedrooms and one car on the street.

A mower that you had to push to make the grass look neat.

In the kitchen on the wall we only had one phone,

And no need for recording things, someone was always home.

We only had a living room where we would congregate,

Unless it was at mealtime in the kitchen where we ate.

We had no need for family rooms or extra rooms to dine,

When meeting as a family those two rooms would work out fine. We only had one TV set, and channels maybe two,

But always there was one of them with something worth the view. For snacks we had potato chips that tasted like a chip, And if you wanted flavor there was Lipton's onion dip. Store-bought snacks were rare because my mother liked to cook, And nothing can compare to snacks in Betty Crocker's book. Weekends were for family trips or staying home to play, We all did things together -- even go to church to pray. When we did our weekend trips depending on the weather, No one stayed at home because we liked to be together. Sometimes we would separate to do things on our own, But we knew where the others were without our own cell phone. Then there were the movies with your favorite movie star, And nothing can compare to watching movies in your car. Then there were the picnics at the peak of summer season, Pack a lunch and find some trees and never need a reason. Get a baseball game together with all the friends you know, Have real action playing ball -- and no game video. Remember when the doctor used to be the family friend, And didn't need insurance or a lawyer to defend? The way that he took care of you or what he had to do, Because he took an oath and strived to do the best for you. Remember going to the store and shopping casually,

And when you went to pay for it you used your own money? Nothing that you had to swipe or punch in some amount, Remember when the cashier person had to really count? The milkman used to go from door to door,

And it was just a few cents more than going to the store.

There was a time when mailed letters came right to your door,

Without a lot of junk mail ads sent out by every store.

The mailman knew each house by name and knew where it was sent;

There were not loads of mail addressed to "present occupant" There was a time when just one glance was all that it would take,

And you would know the kind of car, the model and the make. They didn't look like turtles trying to squeeze out every mile;

They were streamlined, white walls, fins, and really had some style. One time the music that you played whenever you would jive,

Was from a vinyl, big-holed record called a forty-five.

The record player had a post to keep them all in line,

And then the records would drop down and play one at a time.

Oh sure, we had our problems then, just like we do today,

And always we were striving, trying for a better way.

Oh, the simple life we lived still seems like so much fun,

How can you explain a game, just kick the can and run?

And why would boys put baseball cards between bicycle spokes,

And for a nickel red machines had little bottled Cokes?

This life seemed so much easier and slower in some ways,

I love the new technology but I sure miss those days.

So time moves on and so do we, and nothing stays the same,

But I sure love to reminisce and walk down memory lane.

Much credit to the person who put this together, whoever it was. The title “Memories” fits.

Below From the Miami Herald June 24, 2005:

CRIME-3 Caped Robbers Make Off With a Monkey: Three men burst into a South Miami-Dade home, stole $200 and kidnapped a baby monkey named Tulip at gunpoint. By Charles Rabin One minute, Tulip the orphaned owl monkey was in her cage at home, naked. The next, she was wrapped in a towel, taken at gunpoint by three men in masks and capes. ''It was the most sinister thing you could imagine,'' said Dr. Sian Evans, director of South Miami-Dade's DuMond Conservancy for Primates, and from whose home Tulip was abducted. About 4:30 a.m. Thursday, three men wearing white masks and black capes broke into the home in the 15400 block of Southwest 216th Street. They left with $200, a cell phone, a wallet and 10-month-old Tulip, valued at $2,000 but worth much more to her handlers. Evans said she had awakened and bumped into someone pointing a gun at her in the hallway. She screamed and ran back into her bedroom. The intruders followed, demanding money. Before leaving, the masked men forced Evans' husband, Robert Cooper, to free Tulip from a cage in the living room. "They made me let her go. She ran onto my arm and back. Then they grabbed her with a towel,'' Cooper said. The 1-pound Tulip had been living with Cooper and Evans since being abandoned at birth. Typically, male owl monkeys care for their young. But Tulip's father, Buster, died of congestive heart failure before her birth. And Lavender, Tulip's mom, rejected her. ''There were wounds on her face. It was clear her mom didn't want her,'' Evans said. Police wouldn't say Thursday if Tulip was the target of the home invasion. Last Sunday, The Herald published a story about Evans, her conservancy and a fundraiser benefiting owl monkey research at the DuMond Conservancy held Thursday night. Evans does not believe Tulip was targeted. ''To me it's bizarre. It seems they'd be much more motivated to take cash and electronics,'' she said. Tulip, a feisty monkey about the size of a large grapefruit, tends to be aggressive with people she doesn't know, Evans said. There's a good chance Tulip would try to bite at least one of her captors. Police weren't canvassing the neighborhood Thursday, but did release a photograph of one of her relatives to the media. The robbers face possible home invasion, robbery and grand theft charges, among others, Miami-Dade police said. Note: I’ve included this because it struck me as being funny.

This Month’s Chuckles:

Harvey and Gladys Goldman are getting ready for bed. Gladys is standing in front of her full-length mirror, taking a long, hard look at herself. "You know, Harvey," she comments. "I stare into this mirror and I see an ancient creature. My face is all wrinkled, my boobs sag so much that they dangle to my waist, my arms and legs are as flabby as popped balloons, butt looks like a sad, deflated Version of the Hindenberg!" She turns to face her husband and says, "Dear, please tell me just one positive thing about my body so I can feel better about myself." Harvey studies Gladys critically for a moment and then says in a soft, thoughtful voice, “Well...there's nothing wrong with your eyesight." Services for Harvey Goldman will be held Saturday morning at 10:30 at Beth Israel Synagogue. Female friends of the family are invited.

Bob, a 70-year-old, extremely wealthy widower, shows up at the Country Club with a breathtakingly beautiful and very sexy 25 year-old blonde who knocks everyone's socks off with her youthful sex appeal and charm and who hangs over Bob's arm and listens intently to his every word. His buddies at the club are all aghast. At the very first chance, they corner him and ask, "Bob, how'd you get the trophy girlfriend?" Bob replies, "Girlfriend? She's my wife!" They're knocked over, but continue to ask. "So, how'd you persuade her to marry you?" "I lied about my age", Bob replies. "What, did you tell her you were only 50?" Bob smiles and says, "No, I told her I was 90."