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Pioneer Newsletter January/February 2005
Editor: Jim Morgan (Class of 1958)
320 East Vine Street #4
Murray, Utah 84107
(801) 261-1906


Pioneer Newsflash-Death of Another Pioneer:

Death of Lee Clark (Class of 1958): I was told by Emilie Sinai that Lee's
death notice was in the Miami Herald or January 8, 2005 but there was no
obituary. Did anyone catch the obituary on a later date? I know it is our
Lee because of his middle initial. He was living in North Miami Beach at
the time of his death. Here is what I have on Lee in my home computer to
refresh your memory: School: 12780 N. E. 10th Avenue, North Miami,
Florida. Graduated 9th grade NMHS. Home room #16. Football Team (guard).
College: University of Florida, Monmouth College, New Jersey. Spouse:
Suzan  Children: 1 known daughter-Valintine. Occupation: Was the manager
of Lucayan Beach Hotel in Freeport, Bahamas in 1968. Interest: Water
sports, flying

In this issue I've included a few comment from former Pioneers from the
later classes at NMHS (1960's, 1970's, etc) because they tell about the
"rebirth of our old stomping grounds of North Miami." For most of us our
years at North Miami Junior and Senior High School in the 1950's were the
greatest. We had fantastic, dedicated teachers, the best student body in
the whole world and a beautiful new school.

Donation of Conestoga Yearbooks to North Miami Historical Society: Mrs.
Dee Basnett, the widow of our beloved NMHS science teacher Mr. Fred
Basnett, has agreed to donate all of her husband's old Conestoga
yearbooks to the historical society. Mr. Fred Basnett taught at NMHS
starting about the school year 1956-1957 under the leadership of
Principal John C. McGuire, along with staff members Mrs. Martha Boggy,
Mr. David Bullington, Coach Ward Burgess, Miss Mary Calley, Coach Jack
Clark, Mrs. Elfrieda Colwell, Miss Constance Couture, Mr. Stewart Darrow,
Mr. R. W. Dutton, Mr. Perry Farmer, Mr. Russell Handy, Mrs. Margaret
Hogsett, Mrs. Nina Ketzel, Coach Howard Lipscomb, Mrs. Lynch, Mr. Arnold
Murray, Mr. Klaus Nordmeyer, Miss Virginia Pomroy, Coach Peter Stamos,
Mr. Alan Stratton, Mr. Joseph Tierney, Miss Joan Tomol and Mr. Robert
Zellers to name just a few. The growing society will be richly rewarded
by her very generous donation. Once they are donated and inventoried
Scott Galvin, president of the historical society and North Miami City
Councilman, will e-mail me a list of the years of the yearbooks so I can
publish it in a future issue of the Pioneer newsletter. As a genealogist,
both amateur and professional, I'm a strong believer in preserving our
historical documents for the future generations and was very happy to
arrange this donation between Mrs. Basnett and the North Miami Historical
Society. Hopefully, others will also decide to donate items of interest
to the historical society when they realize that they will be preserved
for their own children and grandchildren and future generations to be
able to research. It's very important to preserve our past. I'm also
working on a few other collection to be given to the historical society.
More on that at a later date. Jim Morgan

E-mail From Mrs. Dee Basnett, Widow of Mr. Fred Basnett: It was a
pleasure to hear from you and I know Fred would want you to have them. My
phone no is 954-4997070 address 1983 NW 170 Avenue, The Cove Pembroke
Isles Pembroke Pines Florida 33028. Fred's nursery and home on Mustang
Trail were sold. Please keep in touch as I  adore the news of the
Pioneers.....Dee Basnett Note: This was is reply to my request that the
yearbooks be donated to the North Miami Historical Society.

Photographs and Family Histories of North Miami: Do any of you Pioneers
have old glossy photographs that were taken in the North Miami area in
the 1940's, 1950's or earlier that you would be willing to have copies
made (normally in 8 x 10 format) and donated to the North Miami
Historical Society? The photographs should be of buildings, residents or
activities that took place in the North Miami area. If you have any
photographs that are of the North Miami High School activities that took
place on school trips (sports, band or concerts, etc.) like the Orange
Bowl parades, beach parties etc. Photographs should not be written on,
just include a note of where it was taken and the people involved.
Histories should be of early residents of North Miami prior to 1960. They
can be long histories or just short personal sketches. Let me know what
you may have in your possession at

A Wonderful New Miami Herald Article From Miss Calley: The following
article was sent to me by our own Miss Calley. It was in the Miami Herald
on December 20, 2004, not long after the recent article earlier in the
month telling about the decline of our beloved NMHS. It's great to see
that the Honor Society Students from NMHS are doing good things in the
community. This article paints a very different picture from the first
one. Article: North Miami A bright idea: Students start tutoring program.
A group of North Miami Senior High School students asked to tutor
struggling elementary students at a nearby elementary school. All say the
project is a success. By Joshua Rohe. Cryptic telephone messages were
being left on Irving Hamer's voice mail over the summer. "Call us," they
said. "We have an idea." At the same time, Hamer, the Miami-Dade public
school district administrator in charge of rehabilitating the county's
chronically failing schools, was trying to draft his plans. The message
kept coming from two North Miami Senior High School students and Hamer
needed ideas. When he heard they planned to pair North Miami students
enrolled in one of the world's most aggressive academic programs with
third-graders enrolled in one of the city's most desperate elementary
schools, he was intrigued. When he read their proposal a few days later,
he was amazed. "The proposal was drop-dead wonderful," Hamer said. "It
knocked me off my chair." Hamer decided to give the young tutors a try.
He scheduled them to run two after-school sessions with 40 students.
North Miami High juniors Diego Mesa and Justin Chang went to work. They
screened their classmates in the International Baccalaureate program and
selected 18 to join them in tutoring struggling third-graders at Myrtle
Grove Elementary School. Borrowing the name of their high school mascot,
the students called themselves the Swamp Dogs. "Kids show up for tutoring
on their off-days," said Bernadine Woods-Smith, a teacher at Myrtle
Grove. "They all want to work with the Swamp Dogs every day." This is
good news at Myrtle Grove, where dozens of third-graders are repeating
the grade because of their low scores on the Florida Comprehensive
Assessment Test's reading exam. Some of the students are spending their
third year in the third grade. Less than two months into the program, the
tutors and teachers at Myrtle Grove say the students are improving. "I
see them pronouncing words more fluently, and they are getting a better
understanding of the stories that they read," said tutor Julian Lopera.
"Once you have kids who are eager and willing to learn, it shows in their
performance." Woods-Smith said. Said Myrtle Grove Assistant Principal
Leonardo Mourino: "I have seen honor societies tutor students in homework
assistance programs, but I have never seen students organize such an
elaborate tutoring program to prepare students for the FCAT."

Scott Galvin (Class of 1986) and North Miami City Councilman: Scott
Galvin's Website ( posted on December 30, 2004. New
North Miami High - North Miami Senior High has been earmarked for $58
million in the 2005-2006 school year. I'm hopeful we can build an
entirely new school at the current site. The current student size of the
student body is about 2,900. In order to replace North Miami Senior, a
castaldy study was required and the State of Florida needed to approve
it. On May 3, 2004, the State approved the replacement. In August 2004, a
design criteria professional will be commissioned by the Dade School
System. Construction funding is shown in the current 5-year work plan for
FY 05-06.

Please remember that this is your Pioneer Newsletter. If you have
anything of interest that you would like to pass on to other former
Pioneers please let me know. Also, if you are looking for a former
classmate just e-mail me and I'll see if I can help. I do a lot of
searching and writing of letters that is never mentioned in the
newsletter. Right now I'm on the track to find Neal Cline through his
son. I use many, many on line sources that I've found very helpful
through my years of genealogical research.

Mini-Pioneer Reunion in Sebring: Just a reminder that Jan Drybread Grove
(Class of 1956) is hosting another North Miami High Pioneer Get-Together
on February 5, 2005. The gathering will once again be held at Highlands
Hammock State Park just west of Sebring, Florida. All NMHS alumni and
friends of NMHS are welcome to attend. For additional information (e.g.,
driving directions, camping and lodging in the area, what to bring, etc.)
please contact Jan Drybread Grove at: P.O. Box 1758, Lake Placid, Florida
33862 (sorry but she doesn't have e-mail!). Jan asks that RSVP's be
received no later than January 29, 2005 to help her with the final
planning. Eating begins at 1:00 p.m., the rest of the time is open for
renewing your friendships. No cost is mentioned but everyone is asked to
bring their favorite casseroles, salads or desert to share. From past
get-together's many Pioneers start arriving around 10:00 a.m. and stay
until 4:00 or 5:00 p.m. Nothing fancy, just a fun, laid-back gathering of
NMHS Pioneers! A donation to cover assorted expenses to Jan would be

Pioneer Baseball Memory-A Trip Down Memory Lane. North Miami Has A
No-Hitter: From a 1955 Miami Herald newspaper article. North Miami's
Maxcy "No Hits" St. Pat's. Righthander Tom Maxcy hurled a no-hitter in
his first high school pitching start Wednesday afternoon as he guided
North Miami to a 12-0 victory over St. Patrick's in the opening round of
the Class A district baseball tournament at Miami Stadium. Maxcy struck
out five and missed a perfect game when he walked catcher Alan Minter in
the second inning. Minter was the Shamrock's only baserunner. "I decided
to take a chance on Maxcy," explained Pioneer coach Jack Clark, "then, if
we won, we'd be in good shape, pitching-wise, for the finals. This was
the first high school game he's ever pitched. He's been playing first
when Vennie Pent (the Pioneers' regular hurler) was on the mound." North
Miami, meanwhild, lashed nine hits, including two apiece by Colden
Burgamy and Maxcy (that boy again). Burgamy drove in three runs and Maxcy
one. Teammate Chuck Hunter contributed a triple.

Looking For the Following Pioneers for Other Pioneers:

Randy Carmichael (Class of 1959): Father was Hoagy Carmichael, famous
song writer. Randy went to "Bandstand" in Hollywood a lot.

Marge Davidson (Class of 1958): School: 1040 N. W. 131st Street, North
Miami, Florida   MU8-2672. Graduated 9th grade NMHS. Spoke at 9th grade
graduation, Junior Red Cross, Student Guidance Aid, Honoria Club, Beta
Honor Society, National Forensic League, Tennis Team, Future Business
Leaders of America-Vice President 1957, Voted Most Intelligent 1958

Sandee Herrington (Class of 1958): School: 11900 Biscayne Blvd., Miami,
Florida. Transfer student. Home room #2. G.A.A., Sorrota Club, Student
Council, Student Guidance Aid, Student Council-Parliamentarian 1958, Beta
Honor Society, Student Guidance Service, Thespians Club, Junior Class
Play, Junior Class Prom Committee. Was in the play "Shubert Alley".
College: University of Miami Scholarship: University of Miami-value
$3,000, plans teaching

Jean Kolwicz (Class unknown). She lived at 13824 N. W. 8th Avenue.

Joan Kolwicz (Class of 1957): She lived at 13824 N. W. 8th Avenue.

Suzanne Mayer (Class of 1957): Her home address at NMHS was 1830 Keystone
Boulevard, North Miami. Suzanne was the Sweetheart of Wheel Club in 1957,
member of Honor Guard and Honoria. She was voted "Most Sophisticated" in

Carole Proscia (Class of 1959): 12880 N. E. 3rd Avenue, North Miami,
Florida. I have no other information on her.

Marsha Weitzsacker (Class unknown) I have no other information on her.

Patti Welch (Class of 1958): School: 960 N. E. 141st Street, North Miami,
Florida. Graduated 9th grade NMHS. Home room #3. Activities: Charm Club,
Student Council, Forensic Follies, Concert Band 1955, Girl's Choir,
Cheerleaders Co-Captain, Beta Honor Society, Sub Debs-Chaplain 1958,
Conestoga Staff, Student Guidance Aid Sweetheart-Football Team 1958,
Voted Most Typical 1958. Sister Jolene. College: Florida State
University. Elementary education teacher in Scotch Plains, New Jersey.
Now is a blonde, was a finalist in the Miss University contest (March
1963). Note: She was living in Clark, New Jersey and originally planned
on moving to Hilton Head, South Carolina after she retired but changed
her mind.

Jolene Welch (Class of 1958): School: 960 N. E. 141st Street, North
Miami, Florida. Graduated 9th grade NMHS. Home room #2. Girl's Choir,
Swim Team, Sirena Club-Chaplain 1958, Junior Red Cross, Concert Band
1955, Orchestra 1955, Member-Pep Club, Student Council, Volleyball Team,
Sr. G.A.A., Future Nurses of America, Student Guidance Aid, Forensic
Follies, Junior Class Prom Committee. Sister Patti. Married surname: 2nd
Fountain Note: Last known address was in Hiram, Georgia.

If anyone known anything about any of the following (e-mail or snail mail
address or last known location, married surname, etc.) would you please
e-mail me with the information. Any bit of information would be
appreciated. Note: Thanks to Scott Galvin (North Miami City Councilmen
who has assisted me with information on a few former Pioneers.

My Book Review on Johnny Holliday Bobbitt's wonderful book "Johnny
Holliday from Rock to Jock": I received my copy of Johnny's book on
December 27, 2004 and just couldn't put it down. The book is a "Who's
Who" of the early days at North Miami High, the music industry and the
sports world. There are so many people from the music and sports field
that are mentioned in these few pages to list them all. I will mention
one quote by Johnny: "How about pocketing a paycheck to help introduce
the Beatles to a hysterical Candlestick Park.". I was hooked to go on
when I noticed that Johnny had interviewed by boyhood idol, Teddy
Williams when he was the manager of the Washington Senators (I did sneak
a peek at the index first to read those pages first). In the first few
pages Johnny mentioned many North Miami Pioneers: Beverly Edwards,
Madeline Fusco, Bob Geissinger, Paul Gleason, Joe Gomez, Butch Grubbs,
Georgeanne Hartman, Sharon Hazelrigg, Sandra Howard, Jack Jung, Deanna
Keith, Carol King, Don Lewis, Sal Licata, Sue Lowell, Susanne Mayer, Jo
Moore, Shirley Parzow, Vennie Pent, Bob Petrie, Diane Rowland, Joe Ryan,
Tom Sgro, Joe Sheaks, Egdar Smith, Bill "The Duck" Terry. He tells how
Paul Gleason got the nickname of "Bags" but I'll leave that for you to
find out on your own. He also mentioned a few teachers, Mrs. Florence
Cadwallader McClure, Mr. Dutton and our first principal at NMHS, John C.
McGuire. I was surprised to read that Mr. McGuire had coached Johnny's
father in football. Many of the names from NMHS I've heard in the past.
How did he get the name of Johnny Holliday? Read the book. His wife, Mary
Clare Beck was also a Miami girl. Johnny met her on a blind date. Bill
Stirrett (Class of 1955) was dating Mary Clare's best friend, Jane Shea
and he arranged the double date. Johnny has a great wit and I found the
book a wonderful one to read. I would tell you more (I could go on for at
least five pages and barely touch the surface) but I don't want to spoil
it for you. I'd highly recommend this book to anyone, Pioneer or not. You
can order a copy of Johnny's fantastic book from Borders, Barnes & Noble,
your favorite book store or the publisher, Sports Publishing LLC ISMB 1-58261-461-X. You can also call Sports
Publishing toll-free at 877-424-BOOK (2665). Note: I e-mailed Johnny
about his wife. Here is his reply: Mary Clare's maiden name was Beck. She
was a Notre Dame Academy girl. Her younger sister Rosemary also was a
Notre Dame Grad. Her older brothers John and Robert graduated from
Edison, and yes we're still married after all these June
will be 47!!!

Pioneer Notes:

Ron Adamson (Class of 1958): Just an interesting note. I read the bit on
Kathleen Smith Davis. Her son being the FBI agent in on the interrogation
of Sadam. Kathleen and I go way back to elementary school for we lived
only a few streets apart, our Moms were best of friends. Years and years
go by for she married Jim Davis and moved up north where he was a police
officer until retiring. After retiring Jim accepted a Undersheriff
position with Indian River Sheriffs office in the county where I live. He
was responsible for hiring my son for the sheriffs office out of the
police academy. After a handful of years Jim resigned as undersheriff and
became the police chief of my little piece of heaven the City of
Sebastian. It's a small world. By the way Jack Del Bello, my backfield
coach, also lives here. My hats off to you for all the work you put into
the newsletter for others. God Bless, Ron Adamson

Rob Argento (Class of 1962): I saw your notices on the website -
Classmates. I do indeed remember Marcella's from about 1959-62. Finely
enough, I was able to duplicate the recipe and reintroduced it back to
Europe - albeit Sweden - where many friends and a new generation has
often enjoyed them! I would greatly appreciate your e-mailing a copy of
the menu and the photo which you so gratiously offer on the forum. Best
regards. Rob Argento, Argento Data AB, Solvesborg, Sweden. Note: I've
asked Rob for his receipe and will share it if I receive it from Rob. My
mouth is watering just thinking about those wonderful garlic rolls.

Carol Besade (Class of 1970): Thanks for including me in your newsletter
e-mail. I am a 42 year resident of North Miami. I am neighbor and friend
to Councilman Scott Galvin. My family were developers in Sans Souci
during the 1960s. I attended William Jennings Bryan Elementary, North
Miami Junior and Senior High Schools. I am a civic activist living in the
newly named neighborhood of Arch Creek East (N. E. 135 Street east of
Biscayne Boulevard). North Miami will be experiencing phenomenal
redevelopment during the next 10 years. It is once again very exciting to
be living in North Miami and being part of history in the making. Best
regards for a happy healthy New Year. Carol Besade - Class of 1970.

Johnny Bobbitt aka Holliday (Class of 1955): Jim: Loved reading the
Pioneer News you e-mailed to everyone. If you haven't put in your order
for my book yet, don't. I'd be more than happy to send you one. Johnny
Holliday. Note: I received it in the mail on December 27 and couldn't put
it down. It's a must read for anyone who loved North Miami in the 1950's
and the start of the "Rock & Roll Era."

Sue Burgess (Class of 1960): Jim, thanks for a great many
names I remember. To say it was a trip down memory lane doesn't begin to
explain the warmth I felt reading it... Wonderful days, wonderful places
and fantastic people. Have the best of Holidays! Sue Burgess Bainter.
Note: I wrote to Sue asking if she had a brother Lamar. Here is her
reply: Nope, never heard of a Lamar Burgess. I have a Bill, Joe, Richard
and Jeff.  And a sister Pam. However, all are younger than I. I knew a
lot of boys from '57 and '58 (perfect age for a class of '60 girl to
date, lol) In fact, I went steady with Russ Heard, '58 and Jack Gordon,
'57....  Brian Evers and Dickie Clark were close friends with Russ...they
were the terrible trio... Dickie was his cousin, actually.  They'd go out
froggin' and other yuky things in the Glades and come tapping on my
bedroom window at 4 am to show me what awful things they brought home! We
fried rattle snake in my mom's kitchen because Russ' mom wouldn't let him
use one of her pans.... tough, but didn't taste half bad, lol...  Keep up
the good work, I love the newsletter... Sue Burgess Bainter

Jerry Carter (Class of 1967): North Miami High School to be demolished. I
was just notified from another alumni, Kathy Prater, that North Miami
will be razed and rebuilt. An excerpt from the Miami Herald. The roof has
leaked, mold has festered, portable classrooms have rotted and so many
rats have scurried around the gum-stained halls that students once
picketed. But the stories hidden in the hallways of North Miami Senior
High are infinitely more colorful than the walls' battleship-gray hue. In
a few years, the Miami-Dade school district plans to raze this building
and put up a new school on what is now a football field. What will remain
is a surprisingly rich past -- alumni that include a baseball Hall of
Famer, politicians and the president of NBC.

Mary Kay Chambliss (Class of 1958): Hi Jim, how nice of you to contact
me. I would love to get your newsletters and hear the latest on our
former class-mates and school. I'm sad to hear of the decline of our
school...Rats? I live in Merritt Island, Florida, now, about 4 hours
north of Miami. I lived at the 1231 N. E. 131st St. while going to
school. Don't know the other address you listed and never lived there.
All other info was right on. The last reunion I went to was the 35th in
Fort Lauderdale. Were you there? I can't seem to remember you from
school, there were so many kids in our class. When I first signed on to
Classmates I get an e-mail from Rosemary Plunket but since I'm not a gold
member I couldn't respond to her. Now I see that they are offering a
one-time reply. I'm glad that you included your e-mail address so I can
write back to you. I would like to tell Rosemary why I never answered her
message! There are others but I'll try and get info from you later if
that's ok with you. How can you remember all those details from school?
The only teacher I can think of is Mr. Cornell, he was my English teacher
1 year. I remember many others, but can't recall their names. My memory
has been comprised by an illness in 1999. Plus the advanced age
syndrome!!! I guess I've bent your ear long enough for now. Please keep
in touch. I'm so happy to hear any news you can pass along. Thanks again
for the contact. Mary Kay. Note: I know nothing about Mr. Charles
Cornell. He is not on my list of known teachers who have passed on.

Bill Conti (Class of 1959): Bill was born in Providence, Rhode Island on
April 13, 1942. Right there I was hooked on finding out more about Bill
because that was where I came from when I moved to North Miami in October
1954. Here's an unofficial web page honoring Bill Conti: Conti was an orchestra
director by age fifteen. In 1974, he began as a film music director. His
big break into celebrity came in 1976, however, when he was hired to
choose the music for the movie that also made Sylvester Stallone famous:
''Rocky''. Conti was credited on the cover of the movie's soundtrack
album. He also worked for some other films and, eventually, for
television series. In 1981, he wrote the music for the James Bond film
For Your Eyes Only, after John Barry was unable to return to the UK for
tax reasons. In 1983, he was the musical director of ''The Right Stuff'',
and in 1984, Bill was hired to collaborate in ''The Karate Kid''. He also
worked as musical director of the television shows ''Dynasty'', ''Falcon
Crest'' and ''The Lifestyles of The Rich And Famous''.  Mr. Bill Conti is
one of Hollywood's most famed composers and conductors, having won an
Oscar for Best Original Score for the Right Stuff, as well as four Emmy
awards. His compositions are well-known throughout the world and his
records have sold over eight million copies. Bill Conti has acted as
orchestral director for the Academy Awards show for fourteen years. He
has composed and arranged music for the Olympics and for more than 50
television shows, including ABC's Good Morning America, Dynasty,
Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous, Inside Edition and many others. He has
arranged and conducted music for more than 40 orchestras, both national
and international. Bill Conti has scored music for over 100 films,
including the Oscar-winning film Rocky, The Karate Kid movies, James
Bond: For Your Eyes Only, Private Benjamin, The Adventures of Huck Finn,
and most recently, The Thomas Crown Affair. Bill Conti has been honored
with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame for his contributions and
achievements in music. Mr. Conti graduated with bachelor's and master's
degrees from the nation's top music school, the Juilliard School of
Music, in New York. He was also presented with a doctoral degree in music
by his alma mater. Born in Providence, Rhode Island on April 13, 1942,
Conti began studying piano at age seven under the tutelage of his father,
an accomplished pianist, sculptor and painter. At the age of 15, he
organized a band and began to play for high school dances in Miami,
Florida. He was a member of his high school band and symphony orchestra
and won the "Silver Knight Award" from the Miami Herald for high
achievement in the field of music. In addition to his composing, Conti
spends considerable time traveling around the world as a guest conductor
for many prestigious orchestras including the Boston Pops, the London
Symphony Orchestra, the Cleveland Orchestra at the Blossom Music
Festival, the National Symphony at Wolf Trap, the Houston Symphony
Orchestra, the Baltimore Symphony, the Florida Pops Orchestra, the Dallas
Symphony, the Calgary Philharmonic, the RAI Orchestra of Rome, and the
Graunke Orchestra of Munich. He has also been the principal pops
conductor for the Nashville Symphony. Oscar and three-time Emmy
Award-winner Bill Conti is one of Hollywood's most sought-after composers
and conductors for both film and television. His compositions have sold
in excess, of eight million albums and he is in great demand as a
conductor of symphony orchestras throughout the Unites States. On
November 10, 1989, his rich contributions to the entertainment industry
were recognized when a star bearing his name was placed on the Hollywood
Walk of Fame. In 1995 the American Society of Composers, Authors and
Publishers (ASCAP) awarded Conti the Golden Soundtrack Award for lifetime
achievement in film and television. Conti's work for the small screen has
been equally as critically acclaimed, receiving a total of ten Emmy
nominations throughout his career. He won two Emmy Awards in 1990 for
developing the creative concept and composing the score for the running
of the New York City Marathon, which was telecast by ABC. Conti conducted
the Juilliard Symphony Orchestra during the course of the marathon live
from Lincoln Center -- a first in television sports coverage. He won his
third Emmy in 1992 for his musical direction during the telecast of the
Academy Award Ceremonies, marking the first time an Emmy was awarded for
a participant in the Oscar ceremonies. Bill Conti's relationship with the
Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences spans two decades as he has
been the musical director for twelve of the internationally-televised
annual Academy Award ceremonies, most recently in 1997. For six
consecutive years (1990-1995) he was nominated for an Emmy Award for
Outstanding Individual Achievement in Music Direction for his work on the
Academy Award shows.

Charles E. (Chuck) Corway (Class of 1983): 'Tis true, what's said in the
Miami Herald. I last visited the school back in October, and it's on its
last legs. Sure, they replaced the roof, took out the carpeting and
replaced it with tile, among other things. From what I understand, the
school board has authorized a replacement school building; to minimize
disruption it will more than likely be built at the location of the
athletic fields. When a substantial portion of the school has been
finished, only then will the old school be razed. It may not be totally
demolished, as the 500 wing that replaced the Davison Pation and the 600
wing (which was remodeled from the old vo-tech 500 wing) are relatively
new construction and/or remodeling. I do not know any timeline as to when
construction will start, but the replacement should be open by 2010, if
not sooner. Just so long as the new North Miami Senior High doesn't get
named after some politician with deep pockets who has absolutely no
connection to our alma mater. Charles E. (Chuck) Corway (Class of 1983)

Pete Cross (Class of 1959): Jim, Thank you for the information on
Charlie. I will e-mail him for sure. Boy, I am sure sorry to hear about
Johnny Todero. He must have passed away shortly after I saw him in late
2003. It was my last official trip for Publix before I retired. It was
late November, early December, 2003. I will have to look at my past
records to find out for sure. I am glad I made the special effort to see
him. I guess this is like the school, nothing lasts forever. Thanks
again, Pete Cross

Bobbie Cucuel (Class of 1961): My name is Barbara (Bobbie) Cucuel Class
of 1961--Linda Thomas forward this newsletter to me and enjoyed reading
it.  Would like to receive more of the newsletters, would you put me on
your list.  I lived on 131st in North Miami. I was in the first class of
North Miami Junior High which was 6 blocks away from me. North Miami
Senior High then started in the 10th grade--dated a few guy from the
Class of 1959  Jimmy Parker--Woody Hansen- Married a guy from Edison in
1964. Married name is Bonwell---was married for 30 years now divorced.

Ken De Fillipo (Class of 1959): Jim...I just learned from your newsletter
about Howard Lipscomb as I have been in the Dominican Republic with my
resort development. He was a wonderful man anf thru the years I thought
of him often. I'm kept quite busy here as councilman in North Miami Beach
and traveling to the Dominican Republic every month working now with the
new incoming president with the economic development of the country. I'm
developing the Sand Castle Resort in Puerto Plata/Sasoua. 240 rooms and
building another 260, marina, casino, equestrian center, 18 hole golf
course and tennis academy managed by IMG and convention center next to
the hotel on 1,000 acres. I'm now speaking with the motion picture
industry in Hollywood to have their studios there. It really is a
beautiful country. The weather year round is spectaular, the beaches are
beautiful, the food exotic and the music...outta sight!!!! I'll keep you
updated on the opening and hope we can have a Pioneer reunion there.
Thank you again for the great newsletters....Ken De Fillipo

Judi Deustch (Class of 1960): Jim, I believe this is the first time I
have received the Pioneer Newsletter. You have certainly put yourself out
for hundreds of us - friends and strangers alike. I would like to thank
you for your efforts. Having been the editor of a quarterly newsletter
(via snail-mail) for ten years I know what a difficult and time-consuming
job it can become. Many, many thanks for taking the time on our behalf.
It is fun to read a name and say, "aha" - or find an old friend among the
many. Wishing you and yours a happy and healthy 2005. Judi. Note: Judi is
the widow of Joel Mittelberg (Class of 19658) who died on April 15, 1997
due to a surgical error.

Bonnie Evans (Class of 1958): Hi Jim, This is Bonnie Evans #2 (Federman).
I live in Davie, Florida at 14750 S. W. 16th Street, 33325. My sister is
Bettie and she lives in LaBelle, Florida..  Recently hear from Pat Tranfa
Sylma who lived up the street from me. She got in touch with me through
Classmates. Pat is currently living in North Florida. Your last two
newsletters have been a wealth of information. You do a splendid job of
putting it all together they bring back a lot of great memories. Bonnie
Evans Federman

Linda Fetzer (Class of 1958): Jim thanks soooo very much for that trip
down memory lane and all the work you have done to put this Pioneer
Christmas Newsletter together. Yes I do remember those New Years Eve
parades. One year not sure which one, got down right cold and just
couldn't wait to get back on our bus to get warm. Those were certainly
the "good old days" for sure. Well want to wish you a Most Blessed
Christmas and a Wonderful 2005 Jim and thanks again for all that you do
to keep us informed. A second e-mail: Hi Jim, just getting to read mail.
Been away for a few days and would love to have Ann Calderone, Bonnie
Evans and Denisha Morris e-mail. I will be going to South Florida around
Davie area in latter part of February and would love to be able to talk
with Sally Lamb and see how her and Sue Lamb have been doing. I pray all
is well with you and thank you again for all that you do Jim, in keeping
us all informed.  God Bless You always!!  Linda Lee House (Fetzer) Note:
I sent her the e-mail and snail mail addresses.

Marshall Strauss Frank (Class of 1957): Hi Jim - Great newsletter. For
your next edition, may I submit the following: I'm Marshall Frank,
(formerly Strauss). I am announcing the release of my fourth suspense
novel due out in February of 2005, "Call Me Mommy". Here's a blurb from
the back cover: "One day, one moment, one event, alters the lives of
three people forever. Laura Ramsey, spends a lifetime struggling to
protect and gain acceptance of her child as the scourge of evil, crime
and drugs present insurmountable roadblocks. Lloyd Ramsey, rich and
powerful lawyer whose selfish actions wreak havoc with the future for one
woman and her son. Bowen Ramsey, a child born of parents from two
different worlds, torn between right and wrong, would have few choices as
he's guided down a wayward path. Set in southeast Florida and inspired by
true events, Call Me Mommy, (Harlan Publishing) is an emotionally charged
suspense saga about family dysfunction, corruption, murder, romance,
tragedy and the unconditional love of one woman that will rip the
reader's heartstrings." Please see my web site for more info about this
and my other three books: Also, some more news on
the writing front. My second novel "Dire Straits" will soon be made into
a motion picture. Note: I'll be ordering a copy for myself when it
becomes available. I really enjoyed his last book "On My Father's Grave".
When I hear more about "Dire Straits" as a movie I'll fill everyone in on

Vickie Frederick (Class of 1958): Hi Jim: Good to hear from you. My
favorites at NMHS was Mr. Darrow and Ms. Pomroy also! I am on your list
for the news letters and I love to get them. I know this must take up a
lot of your time. I left NMW after my junior year when we moved to
Orlando and I graduated from Boone; married that same year to an Air
Force guy and moved around quite a bit; adopted a baby boy in 1963.
Divorced in 1971; remarried in 1973 and moved to Cleveland Ohio. Found my
son's biological parents about 5 years ago. His parents had actually
married each other 5 years after Kevin was born; and he has 6 siblings!
What a time that was.  We are all in touch often. My husband retired and
we moved from Cleveland to Somerset, Kentucky on Lake Cumberland. I am
still working - have been a legal assistant for a 100 years!  Plan to
retire 4-1-05. I'm ready! It was so sad to read about what's happening to
NMHS. I have such wonderful memories of my years there. We lived in the
Uleta area and it was fun to read Guava Dreams by Mary Torre Kelly who
also lived there. Keep up the good work, Jim. Hope 2005 is a great year
for you. Vickie Fredercik Thompson 

Abbe Frommel & Larry Brown (Class of 1957): Hi Jim....oh my
great to hear all the news about long-ago friends and thank you so much
for remembering us. Larry and I are still living in South Carolina (for
33 years), but our children and grandchildren are all over the country.
Our youngest, Chris, recently returned from Tunisia after 2 years as a
missionary.  We just visited Larry's brother, David, who is building
houses in New Mexico. Last week Larry's mother died (at 93), and his
whole large family was here for the funeral. His sister Judy, lives close
to us in Walhalla, South Carolina.  Give our email address to anyone who
wants to write, we'd love to hear from old friends. Have a great new year
and keep in touch.......Anne Frommel Brown. E-mail address for Anne &
Larry is:

Scott Galvin (Class of 1986 & North Miami City Councilman): Hi, Jim! As
always, a pleasure reading the newsletter. A couple of bits of news as I
read it... I happen to live at 13506 N. E. 24 Court, so I can confirm
that the Mary Bush you seek does not live there. The resident, Marie
Bush, is from Haiti, but not a native North Miamian. And pass along to
Pete Cross that Johnny (Todero) the Barber passed away in either late
2003 or early 2004. He was very well-loved by many generations of North
Miamians. I had my first haircut in his shop, too! Have a very Merry
Christmas, Scott. Note: Scott has checked the local records for a few
former Pioneers who I wondered if they still lived in North Miami. His
assistance has been wonderful.

Jackie Gregory (Class of 1958): Dear Jim, Gleason Snow (my former husband
and lifelong friend) forwarded your inquiry requesting a short update on
my activities since we were all at NMHS, which seems like yesterday and
yet so very long ago. I made writing this a New Year's resolution! So,
here goes. After graduation from NMHS in 1958, Gleason and I married and
went off to the University of Florida. I majored in education and after
graduating, taught high school English and social studies at the P. K.
Yonge Laboratory School in Gainesville. We had two wonderful sons,
Gregory and Wayne. Gleason and I divorced in 1967. In 1970, I married
William Sowers and we moved to teaching positions at the University of
South Carolina in Columbia. We then moved to Greer/Greenville, South
Carolina where we were both school principals for a time. Then, the charm
of the beautiful New England area lured us to Boston in 1974, where we
lived for a year before settling permanently in Hampton, New Hampshire,
where I still live. Bill was an Assistant Superintendent of Schools for
many years until we opened our own educational consulting firm in 1983.
Over the past 32 years or so I have been a researcher, curriculum
developer, educational consultant, teacher trainer, and keynote speaker
on topics related to the health and learning of children and adolescents.
Today I work nationally, mostly for state departments of education or
health, training professionals and presenting at conferences and
workshops. Sadly, my beloved husband, Bill, died in March of 2003. I have
continued my professional work and remain in our home in Hampton. Our
sons, Greg and Wayne, have families of their own now and live close by. I
have five wonderful grandchildren who light up my life. After having two
sons and then four grandsons, I am learning to be a grandmother to a
GIRL, our littlest, Kaylyn, who was born last July! Although I seldom get
back to North Miami, I do visit my sister, Beverly Gregory Moore, who now
lives in Plantation, but graduated from North Miami in 1965. I have also
remained in close touch with Gleason and his wife, Martha, and their
three sons. They have been forwarding the Pioneer Newsletter from time to
time, and I have enjoyed hearing about old friends and acquaintances from
the North Miami years. So, Jim, that is about it for my brief update.
Maybe when I retire I'll write more about memories of the old days. All
that comes to mind now is wearing green and gray on game Fridays, crepe
paper and mirror ball decorating for the Honoria dances, the time Mr.
Farmer draped a boa constrictor around my neck in Biology, and working on
fundraisers to bring our wonderful German exchange student, Ulli von
Burski, to our school. Jim, thank you for devoting your time and talents
to the Newsletter. Please add my name to the mailing list. I hope you and
yours have a wonderful 2005. Happy New Year! Sincerely, Jacquelyn Gregory
(Snow) Sowers NMHS, Class of 1958. Note: If anyone would like to contact
Jackie please e-mail me and I'll check with Jackie to see if it is okay
before giving out her personal information. She now goes by Jacquelyn,
not Jackie.

Carol Hale (Class of 1958): Hello Jim, I did build that new home 2 years
ago. It was a wonderful home and a great subdivision. But I decided it
was time to move on. So I sold it and moved in November. I am presently
living about 1/4 of a mile from where I lived 2 years ago. Love the area.
My new address is: 4410 Round Lake Court, Tampa, Florida 33618, (813)
264-5689. Also would like to say, I absolutely love the News Letters you
send. It is great to hear about friends, remember the events and days at
North Miami High. You do an outstanding gift giving to all of us. Take
care, and by your New Year be full of wonderful blessings, Carol

Pat Hamilton (Class of 1958): Got your e-mail at home. Here is the last
address I have for Sally. Also, I've included her sister, Sue's address
(I'll send addresses upon request). I sent Sally a Christmas card, but
didn't hear from her. The card was not returned. Please let me know if
Sally is okay if you locate her. I'm still working at GE; probably will
retire the end of this year. I am anxiously awaiting my son coming home
from Iraq. He has been there since last April. He is a Chinook helicopter
mechanic and he also flies gunner on the helicopters sometimes. Very
nerve wracking, especially lately with their elections coming up and
violence getting worse. He is stationed in Balad, about 50 miles north of
Baghdad. Note: Here is part of the newspaper article: Sgt. Kirk
Fiorentino won't shovel any snow today. He won't unwrap any presents and
he won't watch his 4-year-old daughter Katarina open any either. "The war
against terrorism does not take a day off for the holidays and neither
can we, " writes Fiorentino in an e-mail at 4 a.m. on Christmas Eve. "I
know for our unit it's business as usual". Fiorentino, an Army National
Guardsman stationed at Camp Anaconda in Balad, Iraq, says he's giving his
family the gift of safety this year. "I look at it this way, with me
being over here I know that my family is safe back home. Fiorentino was
sent to Iraq in April. He fixes and maintains CH-47 Chinook Helicopters
and flies as a doorgunner during day missions. "We fly at 50 feet above
the ground and we can be seen so if any terrorist wants to take a crack
at us they can see us better, " he says. "But I would not recommend that
cause we have gotten prettu good with our M60 machine guns." "My roommate
and I have put up two very small Christmas trees," Fiorentino says. I got
mine from my mom who lives in Georgia." The tree helps remind him of the
magic of the holiday season. But it also reminds him that he won't be
with his family to share it. "I don't think any of us want to be halfway
around the world on Christmas day," he writes. "I know I don't, but I
also understand that the work we are doing is over here is very
important." The former youth soccer coach calls home every other day and
e-mails as often as he can.
Nancy Heinmuller (Class of 1958): Hi Jim.....Happy New Year!! Thanks for
the update on some of my friends from NMH. I'm in touch with 4 of the 5
friends, and will now contact Phyllis. I welcomed in the new year in
Punta Gorda, with some old friends that you may remember. Ann [Calderone]
Schulte and Annette [Giacone] Norton. We've been close since forth grade
at Ben Franklin Elementary in North Miami. They came through hurricane
"Charlie", with some house damage, but nothing major. The town itself is
slowly being restored, but still many blue [tarps] roofs. We on the east
coast of Florida are still rebuilding also from our record number of 2004
storms. I live in a condo on the Indian River in Cocoa, across from the
Space Center. We had some roof damage and water damage to all of our
buildings, and lost 500 feet of sea wall. We're hoping to have all
repaired by this years hurricane season. Lets all keep the faith that
2005 will be a year that brings peace and goodwill to all......LOL, Nancy

Charlie Hernandez (Class of 1958): Following is from Pete Cross: Charlie
lives in Lake Placid, Florida and is not in good health. I have spoken to
Charlie's wife, and I did not know he had an email address.  Would you
please send me his email address, or send him mine.  I have been wanting
to go see him again, but just have not done it yet. I hope to go after
the first of the year. If you would like, forward this letter to him.
Charlie is an old, good friend, he just is not one of the eight guys in
the picture.  The group in the picture are as follows: Johnny the Barber,
Joe "Black" Hernandez Miami Tech-Class of 1959 in the chair, Frank the
Barber, Pete Cross NMSH 1959 in the chair, Benny the Barber, Aime Cote
NMSH 1959 in the chair, the other Frank the Barber, and last Howard
Goldberg from NMSH January 1959 in the chair. I asked Johnny for the
picture, but he said "no way".  He said that was a piece of the past he
would not release. We were all too close. Things we did, and things we
talked about at that shop, stayed at that shop.  Joe Black's first job
was shoeshine boy at that shop, and the shoeshine stand was still there,
just had not been used in years.  A lot of memories and old pictures are
still there.  I don't blame him, if the pictures were mine, I would not
give them to anyone either. Judy Sheel, Class of 1959 sent me the
newspaper article about the school.  If you hear anymore news about the
NMSH, please forward it to me. Thanks, Pete Cross 1959

Rocky Hounshell (Class of 1958): Jim, Part of the group that ran around
the block ( in the buff) was Carl Templeton, Kenny Perry, myself, Don
Estocapio, and a few others. I don't remember if Mike Schuckert, Melvin
Ingalls, Mike Coon, or Jimmy Harris were involved or not. The block was a
BIG one. Northwest 1st Ave., from 139st to 135st to Northwest 2nd Ave. to
139st and then back to my house. It was between 2 and 4 in the morning
and the weather was balmy. I seem to recall that it started as some kind
of a dare. Mary Alice Hornsby lived a block away, as did Toni
Rosen, and Carol Ross. The Kemp girls, Barbara and Donna lived caticorner
from my house which was on the Northeast corne of 1st and 139st. We had
some good times.Brief work and educational history. BS Psychology
University of Kentucky 1962, Postgraduate work Xavier and University of
Dayton, Commissioned as 2nd Lt. U.S. Army Intelligence 1963,
Claimsman(Miami and Ft. Lauderdale) 64-68, North Miami Beach Fire Dept 68
(Merged to Metro Dade in 78 Metro Dade Fire78-03 Ended as Battalion Chief
at Station 21(Haulover) with responsibility for 40 firefighters. Stations
21, Haulover; Station 10 Sunny Isles, close to the Rascal House;  Station
42, Fisher Island;  Station 27, North Bay Village; and lastly Station 39,
Port of Miami. I was also Chief of Inspections for a few years, and for a
year and a half  was Chief of Inspections at Miami International Airport.
Sometimes I miss it, sometimes not. If you have any questions, send them.
Married in 1959 to Claire Ann Solomon-Three boys Dan(A Cop), Mike(Broward
Fire Rescue) retired on disability, and Ron(Insurance sales for American
Automobile Association) Mike is the oldest at 44. I retired the end of
July 2003, and went to a retirement gathering in the North Georgia.
mountains last September. Carole's husband, Doc, was a Metro firefighter.
Fraternally, Carl "Rocky" Hounshell

Duke Jack (Class of 1958): Just received your Dec. 2004 newsletter. Can't
tell you how much "we" (I'm sure I speak for all) appreciate your
commitment to keeping us all up on what everyone's doing these days. It
stimulates the ole nostalgia in all of us. You've provided the focal
center for all who wish to contribute and your generosity with your time
and energies to keep us informed is very much appreciated. Thanks for
everything. Duke & Connie Jack

Jerry Johnston (Class of 1955): Jim: I found Bonnie Evans at and e-mailed her a few years ago. She also had a sister
Betty Evans at NMSH. It seems that Bonnie was living in Central Florida,
divorced with grandchildren. I am still looking for Marsha Weitzsacker or
Joan Kolwicz. Keep up the good work, thanks for all of your efforts.
Jerry Johnston (1955) Asheville, North Carolina

Gerry Katz (Class of 1958): Jim: I've been reading your Pioneer
Newsletter for what seems to be several years and wanted you to know I
enjoy each issue. The December issue was great. Glad to see how many
people from 1958/59 you have heard from especially Pat Delman & Mickey
Mikula (had a "crush" on both of them but who wouldn't). I'd like to
communicate with both of them to say hello and catch up with some lost
time. I've lost contact with Cliff Siegel who lived in North Miami until
a year or two ago. As for me, I married Judi Butler (Class of 1959) 38
years ago and we are still together living here in Weston, Florida. Our
only son is 32 and lives with his wife in Austin, Texas. He is on his way
here for a short visit over New Years. I'm semi-retired and work as one
of a hand-full of disability insurance claim consultants in the US and as
an expert witness in disability & long term care insurance claim
disputes. I graduated from the University of Florida (go Gators) in 1963
from the School of Journalism & Communications, looking forward to
entering either educational or commercial TV production. However, due to
circumstances that change our direction in life, I entered the insurance
business in 1965 specializing in disability insurance and later, in the
design of pension & profit sharing plans. In 1999, I took an early
retirement offer from the company I represented. My career bio is
attached. A Happy & Healthy New Year to you and all Pioneers who might
receive this email. Gerry Katz

Sandy Kline (Class of 1958): Thanks again need to work for the
FBI on the side!! Sandy. Note: Sandy was looking for Carol Hale (Class of
1958). Thanks to my lists of NMHS Pioneers I was able to contact Carol
and get her new address in just a few hours by e-mail.

Charlene Korte (Class of 1957): Hi Jim, We (my husband John ???????? from
the Class of 1955) love getting your newsletters. I never got to enjoy
all the after school activities or got to visit some of the places
mentioned because of family responsibilities, but I do remember many of
the football games and dances and Marcella's. I think it is wonderful
that you go through all this trouble for all of us. Yours is the first
e-mail I open when I have more than one. The others just have to wait.
The last part of your newsletter which were the 'jokes', really made us
laugh. Hard to believe the warnings on these products!! Hope the holidays
are really a wonderful time for you. Looking forward to reading more
about the 'good ole days' of the '50's. Charlene (Korte) Robert Class of

Don Lewis (Class of 1955): From Johnny Holliday Bobbitt's book: "Don and
I formed a comedy team----"Lewis and Bobbitt"----at North Miami and did
what we thought were funny routines and impressions." They performed on
Jack Cobb's local variety show on KTVJ in Miami and also performed for
the servicemen at Patrick Air Force Base in northern Florida. "Today, Don
is an Atlanta financial planner. He's done quite well in the money
business." Don reflected on his early days with Johnny: "I was always
Johnny's best audience going back to when we met in the eighth grade.
Whatever he said broke me up, and I think is was the same for him. We
clowned around, and everyone seemed to enjoy it. Mr. Dutton, our choral
teacher, encouraged us, gave us pointers."

Sal Licata (Class of 1955): From Johnny Holliday Bobbitt's book: Sal
wrote about his career in the music industry. "I joined Blue Thumb
Records as a sales manager and worked my way up to president of the label
over a period of four and a half years. I broke the Pointer Sisters on
Blue Thumb, releasing their debut and follow-up albums, both of which
exceeded a million dollars in sales. Next I was president of Chrysalis
Records for seven years, and we broke Jethro Tull, Robin Trower, Blondie
and Pat Benatar. I retired in July 2000 as president of EMI Records.
Another quote by Sal: "And of all the things I've done I consider those
days at North Miami High as the best part of my life."

Bill Lillard (Class of 1960): Jim, my name is Bill Lillard. I graduated
from NMHS in 1960.  My name does not appear in the yearbook but my
picture does. My picture is under the name "Paul Lee". My brother, Earl
Lillard, did not finish high school but would have graduated in 1958. He
married Brenda Gutkin, Class of 1958 and is still married to her today.
Both my brother and I grew up in North Miami and attended William
Jennings Bryan Elementary, North Miami Elementary, North Miami Junior
High and North Miami Senior High. Below is my brother's e-mail address.
He will be glad to provide any information you might want. Thanks, Bill

Earle Lillard & Brenda Gutkin (Class of 1958): We are Earle & Brenda
(Gutkin) Lillard. Class of 1958. We're retired and live in Summerfield,
Florida (just South of Ocala). Thank you for the e-mail updates on North
Miami High Alumni. Brought back some pleasant memories. Good to know how
everyone's doing now. Please keep us on your e-mail list. Thanks, Earle &

Lance Limoges (Class of 1958): Had a great time at another Christmas
party! I know you are wondering about the blond! That's the colonel's
wife! Look forward to next weekend..more parties! Keeps you young! Yes.
another Christmas Party. This one was a pig roast last night over at Jim
Cummings house (UMUC professor) Lots of food, friends and fun. Life just
gets better every day!  Lance. Note: He is now teaching in Okinawa and
loves what he is doing. Sent me six photographs. One of a whole pig being

Patricia Loflin (Class of 1958): Jim, Thanks for the updates and
information on the Pioneers. You really put in a lot of time and work on
it and I greatly appreciate what you do. thank you and may you have a
very Merry Christmas and a joyous and prosperous New Year. In Christ
Jesus Our Lord. Patricia Loflin "Chandler"

Frances Migdalski (Class of 1958): From her brother Sonny: Hello Jim,
Keep the news coming !  Here is Frances' info. Frances Jean Migdalski
Naujokas, 10051 S. W. 15 Place, Davie, Florida 33324-7402, no e-mail but
he gave me her daughter's e-mail address. Husband Simas Naujokas died
April 20, 2002.

Betty Milone (Class of 1956): Jim, Thanks for doing the newsletter. It's
the only way we can all keep in touch with each other. Isn't wonderful
what the computer age has done for us all. I am trying to find out what
happened to Suzanne Mayer, Class of 1957. She was a drummer in the Honor
Garde with me. If anyone knows her whereabouts I would love to hear from
them. Thanks from Betty Milone, now Betty Burchell

Claude Norton & wife Annette Giaccone (Class of 1958): Annette & Claude
Norton's new e-mail address is Claude has two "piper"
planes, so you can guess where the name came from. They live in Punta
Gorda, Florida.

Vennie Pent (Class of 1956): Jim, I'm still going through the newsletter.
On page 6, Mary Ann Dixon, you asked if Terry Dixon (Class of 1955) had
any sisters. He did not. Terry grew up on N.E. 5th Avenue and 170th
Street. I bought my first car from his brother Roger. Terry now lives in
Denver, Colorado. I do have Terry Dixon's mailing which is in Littleton,
Colorado. Terry's first wife Kay passed away many years ago. Vennie and
his wife Rosemary spent New Years in Key West. I reminded Vennie that his
Pent ancestors were the original settlers in the area of Islamarada,
Florida after they were forced to leave Key West. There is a monument
dedicated to the Pent family in Islamarada. Vennie and Rosemary decided
to rent a car one day and visit the monument and NMHS Pioneers Joe and
Pat Spungin. Note: Another plug for doing genealogy. You never know what
you will find.

Perry Rainey (Class of 1957) & Judy Snider (Class of 1958): Hello Jim,
Appreciate your interest in maintaining contact with former Pioneers. The
correct e-mail address for Judith Marie Snider, Class of 1958 Pioneer is
the same as mine: You of course know that we are
married so her married name is Judith Snider Rainey and mine is Perry H.
Rainey, Jr. I went by my middle name, Hubert, at NMHS until my senior
year when the teachers began calling me Perry. Perry stuck with me in the
Air Force and with other people I met but I remain Hubert to Judy
especially in tense or emergency situations. I suspect that bounce backs
of your e-mails to us may be the result of not recognizing your e-mail
address. Whenever I receive an e-mail that has an address I do not
recognize or that has no subject line to read before opening the e-mail,
I delete the e-mail without opening it to prevent getting a virus from a
bogus source. If that has been the case I certainly apologize. We both
look forward to receiving your updates on the Pioneers.  I will make it a
point to search my address book for e-mail address matches in the future
before I delete the e-mails so I don't delete perfectly safe e-mails. You
asked my sister Ruth how Judy is doing. She is presently under medical
care for a foot problem related to diabetes. On November 22, 2004 she
went through surgery on her right foot. The docs removed a three inch
portion of the 5th metatarsal, the bone behind the little toe that
extends to the heel. The bone was infected and tissue around the bone was
infected.  After the bone and diseased tissue was removed the wound was
flushed, cleaned, and allowed to remain open. The surgeon was not
encouraging about the outcome of the surgery.  In fact he recommended
amputation of the foot but we both asked for conservative measures to be
taken. Hence the surgery mention above. As of last Thursday the surgeon
examined the wound and said it looked good and was healing. She has a
long way to go before the wound is completely healed but we are confident
that the Great Physician will answer our prayers for total healing of the
foot. The snail mail address you have for Judy was my father's
Jacksonville address. Our mailing address is: 9609 Autumn Hill Street,
Boerne, Texas 78006-5214. Boerne, pronounced "Bernie" is near San
Antonio, Texas. We live in San Antonio's Bexar County, pronounced "BEAR"
county, but our mail goes through Boerne.  Our telephone number is: (210)
698-3814. Judy retired from US Civilian Service in June 2001 from Brook
Army Medical Center where she worked as an RN for 21 years. She loved
working surgery and kept me in stitches. Actually she loved working labor
and delivery as much or maybe more than surgery. She delivered at least
one baby while we were in Okinawa on her own while the doctor watched.
She says that was quite an experience. I still work as an Air Force
Civilian for the Air Intelligence Agency at Lackland Air Force Base in
San Antonio but will retire in December 2005 after 20 years civil
service. Jim keep up the good work on the Pioneer effort. We enjoy
reading the info you send out to everyone. By the way if any of the
Pioneers travel through San Antonio on IH-10 give us a shout. We live 3
miles due West of IH-10 on the El Paso side of San Antonio. Would love to
see former Pioneers and/or hear from them. Best wishes for a wonderful
New Year. GB, Perry (Hubert) 

Mel Rosenthal (Class of 1960): Early last year I had a stroke and some
other bad luck. I am living in Manor Care Nursing Home in West Palm
Beach, Florida Room 212. I was in the Band at NMHS. I am always on line
at from 11 am to 6 pm every day.

Joe Sheaks (Class of 1955) & Pat Spungin (Class of 1965): Joe Sheaks and
his wife Pat Spungin are retired in Islamarada. The Sheaks' address is:
173 El Capitan Drive, Islamarada, Florida 33036. Joe played football and
baseball and signed with the Phillies. Vennie Pent dated Pat Spungin
Sheaks in high school. He said he would pick her up on his Cushman Motor
scooter. Then Rell Spickerman started dating her. Rell is now a Lutheran
Minister and lives in Northern Michigan. Joe got hurt in spring training
in North Carolina and never played professionally but if he had he would
have been a great baseball player.

Kathy Shellahamer (Class of 1958): So what have I missed since I went off
the Internet for a few months. News ! My husband & I are moving to North
Carolina this coming spring. We are so excited about it. He is from
there. It is warmer there than here in the freezing north ! :-) Just
think, we will be seeing all those lighthouses on the coast in the near
future. Will send you some pics via e-mail. Okay? So how are you ? Hope
all is well. Did I tell you I had a heath attack this past summer and had
a heart catherization and a ICD (defibrillator) put in? Am doing ok for
time being, Praise our dear Lord, He has taken great care of me. Take
care and hope to hear from you soon. May God be with you. Kathy. Note:
Her e-mail address has changed. If anyone would like it just e-mail me.

Sandy Shotwell (Class of 1956) & Dick Urie-Miami Jackson (Class of 1956):
Dear Jim: Thanks for the wonderful trip down memory lane.  We really
appreciated all the time and effort it must have taken to research and
put together all those great facts.  It was a sweet gesture to include
our mailing list and I really appreciate all your hard work. We hope you
had a wonderful Christmas and that the Lord will continue to bless you in
2005 with the ability to look back and remember those precious years, and
to look forward to the future with great hope. Thanks again for including
us in your email. Dick and Sandy (Shotwell) Urie (Class of 1956). P. S.
It was special for Dick as well as he graduated Miami Jackson in 1956 and
we were high school Sweethearts. 
Frank Tarbert (Class of 1957): Will you be attending the mini-reunion in
Sebring, Florida on February 5th? It's a fun event and lots of our
classmates will be there. We have attended for the past 3 years and plan
to go again this year. I have the Conestogas for 1955, 1956 and 1957, and
will bring them for all to enjoy. If you need more information, let me
know. We enjoy your newsletter very much. Thanks, Frank.

Pat Tranfa (Class of 1957): Hi Jim, Happy to hear from you and that you
have kept up with everyone. Please add me to your list and if any charge
let me know. If you need any other information also let me know. Thanks,

Pat Walker (Class of 1956): Dear Jim, Thanks for sending the 1956 Pioneer
Christmas. So many of the stories were very touching. When you get a
little older, you realize that others in our age group had many problems
with parents or not enough for Christmas or other times. Most of us were
too proud to tell anyone about those things in those days. Our family
always had plenty of food, but never a finished house as our dad was
building it by himself. We were always proud of his skills. My mom sewed
and taught me to sew as I always sewed my clothes in the summer
for the next school year. It was a real treat to be able to buy a
dress...but that made it all the more special. My brother and I always
worked part-time to help buy our clothes, shoes or extra things. We were
both in the band and made so many friends during those wonderful years.
We never felt "poor" but I guess by some standards we were... we were so
rich in having a close family, extended family and friends. We were
really very blessed. I think back to those days and remember them with
great fondness. May God bless you and your family this Christmas and in
the coming year. Sincerely, Pat Walker Griffin, Class of 1956

Mollie Williams (Class of1958): Hi Jim, Just a quick note, getting ready
to leave tomorrow for Aruba for the New Years, my son and family are
taking me. I will locate the picture as soon as I return and send it to
you. Sure hope you get the recipe for the garlic rolls. I will fill you
in on things at that time. Live has been full of ups and downs. Losing
Bill (husband Bill Adams-Class of 1958) was so hard. I have heard from
several Pioneers who remembered him with lots of stories about football
and fun things. It was wonderful hearing from them. Get back to you soon.
Best Wishes, Mollie

Jeff Zucker (Class of 1982): From an article on the Internet by Kaya
Morgan (edited due to length). According to the Nielsen ratings, out of
the top 10 shows in prime time, NBC racked up 6 including Friends, E.R.,
Law & Order, Will & Grace, Scrubs and Law & Order--Special Victims Unit.
Jeff Zucker-many say he's brilliant. Could anyone have predicted that
Jeff Zucker would turn out to be the mega entertainment mogul he is
today? The answer is--unlikely. Born in Homestead, Florida in 1965, the
family moved to Miami when Jeff was just a child. Raised in an
upper-middle class family, He shared the spotlight with younger sister,
Pam, father, Matthew, a busy cardiologist, and mother, Arline, an
outspoken school teacher who coached the debate team. Jeff didn't speak
until he was three, he would spend countless hours putting together
500-piece puzzles. By age five, he had discovered tennis, and was so
competitive that he would spend every waking hour practicing. He seemed
the natural born leader--president of every class at North Miami Senior
High School, captain of the tennis team, editor of the school paper, and
even a teenage freelance reporter for The Miami Herald--so busy that he
started his homework at midnight and only rested on Sundays. He went on
to Harvard, serving as president of The Harvard Crimson during his senior
year, graduating in 1986 with a degree in American History. Straight out
of college, he had the good fortune of landing a position as a researcher
for NBC Sports. A job at the top of any college graduate's wish list, he
traveled the world, compiling and writing background information used by
NBC Sports commentators and producers, prior to and during the network's
coverage of major sporting events. His next step was as executive
producer of the NBC newsmagazine, Now with Tom Brokaw and Katie Couric,
and the NBC News with Tom Brokaw. At age 26 Jeff became the youngest
executive producer in the history of the Today show, winning the full
support of Katie Couric, Matt Lauer and Bryant Gumbel. Under his
leadership, Today became the nation's most-watched morning news program.
Jeff clearly had his finger on the viewer's pulse, and could anticipate
great stories before they happened. When the network needed a new
superstar, at 35, Jeff was the natural choice. Named President of NBC
Entertainment in December 2000, he oversees the network's entire
entertainment schedule. He made it clear that his goal was to bring out
new shows, adventurous shows, the kind that hadn't been seen on any
network before--and it worked. By May 2002, his role expanded to include
both NBC Studios and NBC Enterprises. In addition, he oversees Telemundo
and NBC's recent acquisition of the upscale Bravo, arts and entertainment
cable channel. Who is the real Jeff Zucker? Well, the oddly-charming,
38-year-old network executive divides his time between his Coldwater
Canyon residence in California, and his New York City apartment
overlooking Central Park on the upper West Side. He enjoys a beach house
in the Hamptons, and two exact-same, top-of-the-line BMW's--one on each
coast. He loves golf, tennis and spending quality time with his family.
Insiders reveal that he never yells. He doesn't brood. He doesn't dwell.
Having had two brushes with colon cancer, his outlook on life has become
much more relaxed. At the end of the day, this five-time Emmy Award
winner tries not to take anything for granted. He feels lucky to be
alive, lucky to have a great job, and most of all, lucky to have his wife
and kids.

On The Lighter Side:

Buddy Martin, an Ocala native, is the husband of Joni Sharp (Class of
1958). He was recently named the state's No. 1 sports columnist by the
Florida Press Club. Buddy is the former sports editor of the New York
Daily News, Denver Post, St. Petersburg Times, Florida Today and the
Star-Banner. He is currently writing his sixth book. The following was
recently written by Buddy and printed in the New York Daily News on
December 28, 2004: Mighty Quinn- Ten ways hurricanes change our thinking
and our lives, courtesy of Buddy Martin, managing editor and sports
columnist of the Charlotte (Florida) Sun Herald.
1. An oak tree on the ground looks four times bigger than it did standing
2. AA, C and D are the only alphabet we need.
3. The four-way stop is still an ingenious reflection of civility.
4. Radio can be the best way to watch television.
5. Chain-saw wielding men are nothing to be afraid of.
6. Gasoline is a value at any price.
7. Air conditioning: BEST. INVENTION. EVER.
8. Candlelight is better than Botox - it takes years off your appearance.
9. We shouldn't complain about 'useless' tools in the garage - we
actually DO need a generator.
10. It's your God-given right to sit on your back porch and eat Chinese
takeout by candlelight in your underwear."

How Smart is Your Right Foot? This is so funny that it will boggle your
mind. And you will keep trying at least 50 more times to see if you can
outsmart your foot, but you can't. 1. While sitting at your desk, lift
your right foot off the floor and make clockwise circles. 2. Now, while
doing this, draw the number "6" in the air with your right hand. Your
foot will change direction. I told you so ......And there's nothing you
can do about it!

Twenty Points of Wisdom from Grandpa .......
1. Whether a man winds up with a nest egg, or a goose egg, depends a lot
on the kind of chick he marries.
2. Trouble in marriage often starts when a man gets so busy earnin' his
salt, that he forgets his sugar.
3. Too many couples marry for better, or for worse, but not for good.
4. When a man marries a woman, they become one; but the trouble starts
when they try to decide which one.
5. If a man has enough horse sense to treat his wife like a thoroughbred,
she will never turn into an old nag.
6. On anniversaries, the wise husband always forgets the past - but never
the present.
7. A foolish husband says to his wife, "Honey, you stick to the washin',
ironin', cookin', and scrubbin'. No wife of mine is gonna work."
8. The bonds of matrimony are a good investment, only when the interest
is kept up.
9. Many girls like to marry a military man - he can cook, sew, and make
beds, and is in good health, and he's already used to taking orders.
10. Eventually you will reach a point when you stop lying about your age,
and start bragging about it.
11. The older we get, the fewer things seem worth waiting in line for.
12. Some people try to turn back their odometers.  Not me, I want people
to know "why" I look this way. I've traveled a long way and some of the
roads weren't paved.
13. How old would you be if you didn't know how old you are?
14. When you are dissatisfied and would like to go back to your
youth....Remember about Algebra.
15. You know you are getting old, when everything either dries up, or
16. I don't know how I got over the hill without getting to the top.
17. One of the many things no one tells you about aging is that it is
such a nice change from being young.
18. Ah, being young is beautiful, but being old is comfortable.
19. Old age is when former classmates are so gray and wrinkled and bald,
they don't recognize you.
20. If you don't learn to laugh at trouble, you won't have anything to
laugh at when you are old.

Man of the House: The husband had just finished reading the book "Man of
the House. " He stormed into the house and walked directly up to his
wife. Pointing a finger in her face, he said, "From now on, I want you to
know that I am the man of this house, and my word is law!" I want you to
prepare me a gourmet meal tonight, and when I'm finished eating my meal,
I expect a sumptuous dessert afterward. Then, after dinner, you're going
to draw me my bath so I can relax. And when I'm finished with my bath,
guess who's going to dress me and comb my hair? His wife replied, "The
blankety blank funeral director."