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Kids line the block in front of the theater on 1/22/54
North Miami's MiamiWay Theater Preserved!
By a 3-1 vote, the North Miami city council, meeting as the CRA Board, voted on May 23rd to approve a lease/purchase of North Miami's MiamiWay theater, located on West Dixie Highway and 127 Street!  Mayor Burns and Councilmen Blynn and Galvin supported the move.  Councilman Despinosse voted against.  Councilwoman Steril was absent for the vote.
The city council was asked by staff and the CRA Advisory Committee to lease the property for $240,000.00 per year with the option to purchase it outright at any point within 6 years.  Money for the lease/purchase will come from the North Miami CRA, which was set-up to redevelop and restore a vast section of the city.  Final details on the contract will be worked out between CRA staff and the current owner.
A big "thank you" is owed to Councilman Blynn who was the swing-vote on the matter.
With its preservation, the theater will eventually serve as a home for theatrical productions, luncheons, and community meeting space.  Interior renovations will be extensive, since most of it was gutted by previous owners. 
Saving the property, however, preserves one of the last "historic" locations within the city and will allow for a variety of community and student activities in an area where it is truly needed.