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The incident reported below occurred 34 years ago, during the 1972 Republic National Convention in Miami Beach.  Still brings a smile :)
(See footnotes below the news clippings)


Here's the rest of the story:
These news stories were gleaned from doctored City of North Miami and Dade County police reports.  Despite telling the truth, the cops didn't want to bust me, so they told me to shut-up and then changed the truth into a nice little fiction.  In truth, I drove over to where the Nazi's swastika-adorned school bus was parked and deliberately provoked the Nazis guarding the bus into a fist fight.  (Beating the crap out of them was actually much easier than getting one of 'em to throw the first punch.  They showed considerable restraint in the face of unimaginable provocation.)
So, to clarify ... The Nazi's never denied me their handbills, nor did I ask for one.  I grabbed the whole stack from the guy's grip, tore 'em up and threw 'em in his face ... then, hurled profane insults at them (nose-to-nose), twice vandalized their bus, tore-off one guy's Swastika armband and finally, when all else failed, spit in his face.  That's when he finally took a swing, which is what I intended from the get-go.  Nor did my misreported "Star of David" necklace -- which is actually a Chai -- have anything to do with the brawl.  Nor, when I was eventually encircled by the Nazis, was I accompanied by "friends", as reported.  I acted alone.  Nor did I sing Hava Nagila, but many in the cheering crowd of several hundred who had gathered to watch to cops roust the Nazis did.  And, in the most glaring omission, The Herald also neglected to mention that the Nazis were all wearing provocative WWII Nazi uniforms, right down to the black storm trooper boots! 
Alas, The Herald did get the part right about me bloodying four of the Nazis, which is all that really matters :)
On the flip-side ... Had Dade County, North Miami, North Miami Beach and Biscayne Park police not simultaneously screeched into the parking lot at EXACTLY the moment they did -- which was it's own miracle -- the story would not have had such a gleeful ending.  I'd have been beaten to death by the rest of 'em, for sure.  On that day, G-d was wearing a badge.
      {@ @}

Oh, I almost forgot ... While working as a sportscaster in Tampa in 1973, the scumbag pictured in the St. Pete Times feature profile below looked strikingly familiar.  Then I realized, he was one of the Nazis whom I clobbered in North Miami.  If you read the article, you'll understand why a mere beating was too compassionate.