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The preservation of our area!s heritage continues to grow. In recent days, I've watched news of the progress being made by two entities: the Village of El Portal and the Historical Museum of Southern Florida. I was excited to learn recently of the creation of a historical society in the nearby Village of El Portal. Though we are separate cities today, we share many common forefathers and events. The first Mayor of the Town of North Miami subsequently was a resident of El Portal. Their unique Native American "Midden' like ours must be preserved at all costs. And, like North Miami, they have many new connnunity groups with their own rich traditions that must be preserved. Recording today's happenings will make clear to the future historians what we were about. Leave them a good trail. Though they are still in their formative days, the El Portal group will be based out of the Village Hall at 500 NE 87th Street.

The Historical Museum of Southern Florida is currently exhibiting the very exiting project, "Florida Remembers World War II." The exhibit explores the Sunshine States role during one of the most decisive chapters of our nation's history. The event continues through June 1st and is a 'must-see!'

On the agenda for that exhibit will be a discussion on WACS, WAVES, WIFES, & WAR PRODUCTION WORKERS to be led by Dr. Gary Mormino and a panel of those WACS, WAVES, and others. This discussion will take place on April 24th from 7 to 9 pm at the Historical Museum. May 15th will see a forum on the contribution of African American soldiers, again from 7 to 9 pm.

The Historical Museum is located in the Miami-Dade Cultural Center, across from the Govenunent Center Metrorail Station. For information, call 305-375-1492 or visit


Sounds like Bob Hope in 1943, "Thanks to the Yanks who build our Tanks -- at "Willow Run." If I remember correctly, Willow Run was one the Ford Tank factories during World War II. So we are borrowing a Hope line from World War II and saying thanks to the Yanks - or the folks listed below. They paid their dues for this year and now we can pay our bills this year. Well we can pay some of them with dues but donations in hard cash also are appreciated.

Thank you: John and Inez Bew, Jacki Biggane, Al Brissey, Robert Burr, Eddie Buyama, Simone Chin, Matinda Cleary, Blair Conner, Dick Cook, Inez Couch, Eileen Cubillas, Mary Culhane, Jim Devaney, Sandi Dioli-Kumm, Marion Dominix, Warren Ellstrom, Judy Feldman, Gwen Fernandez, Michael Fernandez, Richard Fernandez, Philip Ferrari, Rick Ferrer, Scott Galvin, John Gorman, Paul Gysan, Carol Helene, George Helker, Tyrone Hill, Robert D. Huff, Robert Huff, Jr., Patricia Johnson, Jean and Donovan Jones, Carol and Neal Keys, Don Knecht, Lydia Kordalewski, Ed Krause, Joe Leonard, Pat Loffredo, June Ritten-Wells, Arva Moore Parks McCabe, Thadius Mozynski, Joyce Mumford, Burnham Neill, Glenn O'Hearn, Christian Pastner, Myrna Pavilack, Howard Premer, Jane Quinn, Joan Quinn, Thomas Ritten, Jack Rizzo, David and Paola Roman, Hector Sanchez, Penny Santilli, Sharon Sbrissa, Alan Schreiber, David Schultz, Tim Seay, Mij and Macy Sezzin, Ramon Sierra, Alice Simpson, Shirley Smeriglio, Neil Starkey, Louis Stasko, Albert Stasko, John Stembridge, Barbara Strahm, Jim Tanner, Marilee Thurman, Penny and Bill Valentine, Rosey Voyce, Jim and Madeline Watt, Ron Welsandt, Frank Wolland, and Ilene Zaleski.


We are growing little by little. Our growth is all quality. Our new members as well as the members already on the roll are there because they appreciate and want to preserve the "Greater North Miami," history, architecture, and the character of the former citizenry. Those new are: Jim Tanner, Frank Wolland (former North Miami Mayor), Patricia Johnson, George Helker, Eddie Buyama, Laura Kruger, and Neal Starkey.