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1. North Miami High School

Mr. John C. McGuire

First Principal of North Miami Senior High


The Class of ’55 encountered many of the same hardship as did the early pioneers of our country. The Senior Class can truthfully be called North Miami High School’s first pioneers since the class entered the new school before our very modern school building was completed and has developed rapidly along with its structure.

            The class ran into many hardships and severities, but this has developed a type of character that was also found in frontiersman of our country. Such outstanding characteristics as courage, self-reliance, and a progressive spirit can be found in both.

            The true pioneer spirit can be found in this, the first graduation class, as it has paved the foundation for all classes in the future to follow. The class has gone first preparing the way for others. They can look back and always have the satisfaction of self-confidence and always have the feeling of a job well done.