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At the end of World War II in 1945, the large and constant influx of former military veterans and their young families changed the face of North Miami by ushering in a great growth period. Homebuilding, roadbuilding, shops, stores, and office business construction now continued for decades almost without stopping.

2. North Miami Police

The first historically documented Chief of Police of North Miami was Karl Engel who was appointed to lead the department on October 12, 1945. In addition to Chief Engel, the department consisted of two sergeants and four patrolmen, two deskmen and the first police dog: a Doberman Pincher named “Duke”. The city’s population was approximately 12,000 residents and Biscayne Park had an additional 3,000, which the city also serviced. During his tenure, Chief Engel hired eight “patrolwomen” equipped only with a badge and whistle, empowered to “detain motorists and sign affidavits”. He also added additional officers. The department was organized into five divisions: Uniform, Identification, Detective and Juvenile, Traffic and Communications. His legacy was the North Dade Youth Foundation, Inc. an organization for the boys and girls of the city.